Strength training for seniors – how to choose the right equipment?

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Strength training for seniors – how to choose the right equipment?

Strength training is a great option for people of all ages. Don’t give up on exercise just because of your age. We suggest what equipment you should decide on.

Workout for seniors – what should I remember?

Physical activity has many advantages. It not only helps to keep the weight in check but also prevents the development of many diseases, especially those referred to as civilization diseases. Therefore, movement, not only outdoor movement, is recommended for people of all ages. Both the young and the elderly should take care of their good shape. The awareness of the importance of physical fitness is constantly growing in society. What is the effect of this? There are more and more seniors in gyms (including outdoor gyms).

As we get older, the capacity of our organism decreases, but this does not mean that we have to give up physical activity completely. Regular physical activity helps the body remain fit for longer and is also a great form of rehabilitation. However, out of concern for their own safety, elderly people, especially those burdened with chronic diseases, should consult a doctor before commencing any exercise. The specialist will select a set of exercises tailored to the individual capabilities of each patient.

Can older people do strength training?

One of the common myths that prevails in society is that strength training is only for young people and mainly for men. Meanwhile, it turns out that training with weights (of course matched to the level of fitness) is very popular among seniors. It helps to maintain fitness and slows down the degeneration of muscle fibres. Among the recommendations concerning training for the elderly, WHO suggests endurance and strength training. Seniors should also remember to warm up and stretch regularly.

Strength training equipment – what to consider?

The right choice of equipment is very important to the effectiveness of strength training. Weights, exercise bands, and weights are all suitable for strength training in seniors. However, it is important to pay attention to the training load, although in this case it is impossible to create uniform guidelines for all seniors – a person in his 80s who has been active for many years and exercises regularly will have different possibilities in terms of the maximum load, and a different load will be suitable for someone who, although only in his 60s, is at the beginning of his adventure with sport and regular trainings. It is better to exercise with too light a load and gradually increase it, than to overdo it at the very beginning and increase the risk of injury.

Another extremely important issue is safety – it should always be a priority, but in the case of elderly people it becomes even more important. What to keep in mind? First of all, you need to pay attention to the right footwear. It is especially important to choose soles that prevent slipping. When choosing accessories for exercises, it is also worth paying attention to ensuring that they do not slip out of hands easily – in the case of training seniors, it is better to avoid metal weights. For the sake of safety, it is better if elderly people perform exercises under the supervision of a trainer.

Training comfort

Properly chosen weights, comfortable shoes, and exercise accessories that won’t easily fall out of a sweaty hand – all these elements translate into training comfort. It is worth taking care of it, then seniors will exercise with pleasure. During training, a soft mat with an anti-slip coating and wrist and ankle weights fastened with strong Velcro may come in handy. The offer of sports accessories is now extremely wide – before buying a particular product, it is worth paying attention to the quality of its manufacture.

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