How do you keep your meals varied?

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How do you keep your meals varied?

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Every meal, even the most interesting and tasty, becomes boring after some time. A favorite dish, eaten several times in small intervals, loses its uniqueness. What to do in order for the dishes not to get boring and for their taste to remain attractive? We suggest!

Take care of the colors!

There is no denying that we eat with our eyes. Although it is a well-known fact that taste buds are responsible for the taste of food, the appetizing appearance of a dish makes you want to eat it more. Hand on heart – who has never thought about eating a slice of cake after walking past a pastry shop or decided that they would love to try a salad after seeing it in an advertisement or magazine? Knowing that your perception of your meals is largely responsible for their appearance, keep them interesting. Colourful peppers, lettuces, cherry tomatoes, pasta with natural ingredients – adding them to your dish will instantly add variety. Nothing adds color to your meals like fruits and vegetables. And in addition they are very healthy and undoubtedly worth reaching for

The secret is in the details

Every grocery store, even an inconspicuous one, usually has a shelf with spices. There are numerous dried herbs, granulated vegetables or ready mixes for specific types of dishes. Experimenting with additives can make dishes completely different from what you know them to be. Even if you are not an outstanding connoisseur of spices and are afraid to boldly throw a handful of them into the pot, it is worth taking the risk – trying and learning makes perfect. You can always suggest the type of dish – pasta goes well with basil and herbes de Provence, and oriental dishes are best seasoned with curry and turmeric. These basic spices can be expanded with increasingly daring combinations. Seasoning a dish with an interesting blend of herbs can perfectly enrich the dish, and sometimes even completely change its taste. For those bored with the repetitive flavors of everyday meals is a great way to dispel boredom in the kitchen

Try something new

Everyone has in his or her daily repertoire of dishes that always come out, do not take much time, are simple to make, and the ingredients for them are usually at home. However, from time to time it is worth to reach for more sophisticated recipes. This is a great opportunity to try dishes that you have never tried before. Have you always wanted to try octopus, but in the end you always chose chicken in a restaurant? At home, just for your closest circle, the dish doesn’t have to be perfect – the important thing is to at least try it! You’ve never eaten tofu, but you’ve heard great things about it? He who does not risk, does not play – at most you will share with your neighbor!

Try diet catering

This is another option for those who are bored with their own meals or are too busy to cook diversely. Dishes delivered in catering are cooked with due care not only for the proper balance of the diet, but also for an attractive appearance and interesting taste. Bearing in mind all the above elements, the catering service Captain Cook makes every effort to ensure that the dishes meet the requirements of all those who are fed up with repetitive tastes in their own kitchen

As you can see there are a lot of methods to diversify your meals. It is worth trying them out to disenchant the daily five portions and give your taste buds a little sensation. Who knows, maybe this is the way to a new hobby?

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