Fruit cocktails – vitamin power for the whole family

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Fruit cocktails – vitamin power for the whole family

Fruit cocktails are loved not only by children but also by adults. Properly composed they can taste and look amazing. It is also an ideal solution for people who do not like vegetables or fruits, because in a simple and quick way you can provide a powerful dose of vitamins to the body. Read on and find out what vitamins are hidden in fruits and what advantages fruit smoothies have.

Nutrients and vitamins in fruit cocktails

Thanks to the fact that fruit cocktails consist practically only of fruit, they are a real vitamin bomb, which has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the human body. First of all, you can find in them vitamins A, E and C and others, but in smaller quantities. In addition, they contain valuable flavonoids, which destroy free radicals formed during stress or the use of stimulants. Fruits, thanks to their vitamin and acid content, stimulate the immune system and increase the response of the entire body during an attack by a virus or bacteria. It has been proven that people who regularly eat fruit and vegetables are less likely to get sick.

Fruits are also a great source of energy because they contain a very high amount of simple sugars. Fruit shakes also replace traditional meals very well. Moreover, they are recommended both before and after a workout as a way to replenish lost calories or gather energy to complete it. What is important, cocktails should not be consumed in the evening, because they raise the level of glucose in the blood, this will make the stomach during sleep have to digest them, and this will translate into discomfort and fatigue in the morning.

Cocktails prepared on the basis of fruit are a great solution for people whose diets are focused on reducing weight and body fat. However, you should then choose those products that contain the least amount of calories and have a relatively low glycemic index. Among them is watermelon, as well as: apples, strawberries, currants and grapefruit.

What is worth adding to fruit smoothies?

Fruits that are blended without any additives, very often have a thick consistency. Exceptions are citrus and watermelon, which contain large amounts of water. It is a good idea to add milk, yogurt, or just water or coconut water to smoothies. Especially the latter is extremely healthy and rich in nutrients and minerals.

In the summer, on the other hand, you can add ice cubes to your smoothies to create a cool, refreshing drink that will also replenish your body. Most of these types of smoothies are sweet enough and there is no need to add sugar, but if needed, a sweetener is definitely a better choice, which is less harmful and recommended for people who care about their weight.

What are the benefits of fruit smoothies?

Cocktails are an extremely healthy alternative to sweetened drinks. In addition, they are recommended for people who do not like to bite through a few apples or do not have the time to do so. Among the advantages of fruit cocktails are:

  • variety of add itives – you can supplement them with different additives that will change their taste;
  • being a vitamin bomb – they contain lots of vitamins, minerals and nutrients, plus they are great for boosting the immune system;
  • free mixing of flavours – thanks to the possibility of mixing different fruits you can create favourite and unique compositions;
  • speed of preparation – cocktails can be prepared in a flash, therefore they are an excellent alternative to traditional meals;
  • variety of products – fruit cocktails can be created with practically any available type of products, in addition to the classic varieties of fruit, you can also find more exotic ones in stores.

As you can see, fruit cocktails are pure health, so it is worth reaching for them every day. Thanks to this we will take care of our health and vitality for many years. However, it is important to follow the rule and not consume them in the evening.

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