Can each household member use the same dietary supplement?

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Can each household member use the same dietary supplement?

Ever since dietary supplements entered the market, they have become an extremely fashionable product that more and more people choose every year. It would seem that by buying one supplement, the whole family can benefit from it. But is this really the case? Can each member of the household use the same dietary supplements without harming their health?

What is a dietary supplement?

A dietary supplement is a foodstuff that is intended to supplement the normal diet. It is a concentrated source of vitamins and minerals, necessary for the body to work properly. In addition, the ingredients of these preparations have a nutritional or other physiological effect. Are they safe? Well, the regulations prevailing in Poland and little control over the composition of supplements, compared with drugs, may make many people afraid to use them. Once, a study by the National Institute of Medicine found that a quarter of the preparations tested had a different composition than the manufacturer declares. To make matters worse, in 2015, half of the visits to emergency departments by young U.S. residents were due to adverse reactions to dietary supplements.

Is it worth it to use dietary supplements?

Before anyone starts thinking about whether supplements are worth it, they should think about how to diversify their daily diet so that it is a comprehensive source of all the necessary nutrients for the body. It is important to remember that there is no perfect preparation that will be a valuable alternative to a varied diet.

Sometimes taking supplements on a regular basis can lead to a misconception that we no longer need to pay attention to what we eat, because we take vitamins and minerals in tablets anyway. However, many scientific studies have been conducted, from which we learn that supplementation is not as effective as supplying particular substances from food.

What is the difference between a supplement and a medicine?

There are many differences between a dietary supplement and a drug. Sometimes the question arises how it is possible that we sometimes confuse them with each other. One of the most important differences is that a supplement does not have to be proven effective before it can be marketed. Yes, new formulations must contain only those substances that are legally allowed, so theoretically we are not buying a cat in a bag. However, taking into account the fact that some supplements are often priced similarly to medicines, which had to go through an arduous journey before they were on the shelves in pharmacies, this may prove to be a bit worrying.

Another difference is that dietary supplements, as they are a food product, are subject to different regulations, specifically the Food and Nutrition Safety Regulations. Because of this, the steps performed before they are approved for sale look different. In addition, the average time to verify the effectiveness of a supplement is about 455 days. This means that they may be on the market for more than a year before they are examined by the Sanitary Inspectorate. However, you can’t measure everyone by one measure. There are supplements on the market that have been tested and are of high quality.

Can each household member use the same dietary supplement?

During autumn and winter, it is very often recommended to use dietary supplements containing vitamin D3. It is not surprising, because it is produced in the body mainly thanks to sunlight. In autumn and winter there is definitely less sun, which of course affects the functioning of the body. There is a dietary supplement with a high content of vitamin D3 available on the market. SunVit is a preparation that is intended for use for the whole family. It is completely safe and supplements the deficiency of the sun vitamin. As a result, the whole family can benefit from it. There are a number of other supplements available in pharmacies, but be sure to choose only those from proven companies that have been thriving for a long time.

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