Not just gymnastics – home exercises for seniors to help keep their bodies fit

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Not just gymnastics – home exercises for seniors to help keep their bodies fit

Physical activity plays an extremely important role at any age. It allows you to maintain good shape and an impeccable figure for many years and additionally ensures the efficient functioning of the cardio-respiratory system. What should senior gymnastics look like?

Gymnastics for seniors – some useful information

Senior gymnastics is effective in preventing diseases of old age, such as atherosclerosis, hypertension, osteoporosis and degenerative changes. This type of physical activity should be tailored to the patient’s age and abilities. Only then will training be both effective and safe. Every exercising senior should monitor basic parameters such as heart rate during training. One should be aware of the fact that his maximum heart rate value changes with age. The ideal workout for an elderly person is one that has a slightly slower pace and includes slightly modified positions.

Senior workout at home

Exercising at home is a great option for all seniors who have difficult access to a gym. To be able to perform it, it is worth getting accessories such as dumbbells, rubber bands or a special ball. Home training for the elderly should be based on activating the muscles responsible for maintaining proper posture and stability (these include the upper back, abdominal muscles, and buttocks). In many seniors these muscles are weak and require constant stimulation.

It’s a good idea to add breathing exercises to your workout, which not only oxygenate the body, but also relax stressed tissues and improve metabolism. Isometric exercises are also an important part of your training, as they involve alternately stretching and relaxing particular muscle groups. As they do not require high physical fitness, they can be successfully performed by people of all ages.

Senior exercises outside the home

Many gyms offer special exercises for seniors. We can choose from Pilates, yoga, stretching or aqua aerobics. In recent years, exercises performed in outdoor gyms have become very popular among older people. They are equipped with stationary bicycles or ladders. Such gyms also allow for performing resistance, balance or stability improving exercises. Training outdoors is a great motivation to leave home and an opportunity to meet new people.

Exercises for people 60+, 70+ and 80+

What should a proper workout look like for people over 60? The best solution in this case will be exercises of functional nature, which are great for improving coordination.

When it comes to seniors over 70, when creating a training plan for them, it is important to take into account any pain associated with existing illnesses. Morning gymnastics can help you get started and reduce muscle and joint stiffness. This can include ball and balance beam exercises.

What about training people over 80 years of age? The focus here should be on outdoor exercise, such as daily walks. General conditioning exercises or Nordic-walking will also be an excellent option.

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