Winter sports for kids – which are the most fun?

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Winter sports for kids – which are the most fun?

Winter sports are a great way to stay active during the winter holidays. Which sports will be suitable for your toddler?

An active preschooler – winter doesn’t scare him!

Sports activity among toddlers should be promoted from the first years of their life. Of course the type of activity and its intensity must be adjusted to the capabilities of a child and the level of its motor development. Even a few months old child can be taken on a sledge. The first steps on skis a toddler can make when his motor system becomes efficient. If you have any doubts as to the age at which your child can start the adventure with winter sports activities, it is necessary to consult your doctor.

Winter sports – movement and health

The more exercise in the fresh air we provide to a toddler in early childhood, the greater the chance that when he grows up a little, he will choose sports instead of computer. Movement in the fresh air, also in winter, is not only a way to kill boredom, but also a chance to build additional immunity of the body. In addition, it is a real fun for the child. Ice skating, sledding, or maybe skiing on a snowy slope? The choice is yours!

Sledding – safe entertainment for the youngest

When choosing winter activities, you have to keep in mind the safety of your child. The youngest children don’t have much choice when it comes to outdoor winter fun. A good idea would be to go sledding – with their parents, of course. It is worth starting from small hills, so that the child is not afraid. After all, this is supposed to be fun – gradually you will be able to increase the difficulty of the slopes. In the winter time, it’s worth going to one of the Tatra valleys – in the Chochołowska or Kościeliska Valley, there are good conditions for sledging in the winter.

Learning to ski – at what age to start?

On the ski slopes you can meet two-year-old children who are already learning to ski. Some child development specialists, however, are of the opinion that this is a little too early – but a four-year-old can go skiing without any problems. If you want your child to learn to ski in a safe environment, you should definitely use the services of an experienced instructor. Learning to ski in a group has a big advantage – for a child it is fun among peers, and in such conditions a toddler is more likely to learn and acquire new skills. If you go skiing occasionally, you do not have to buy equipment. You can use the rental services, which operate at most ski slopes.

Ice rink – a fairy tale land

If you don’t have time or the ability to get out of town and go skiing, you can creatively and actively spend time with your child at the ice rink. A four-year-old should manage with skates, especially if he will have a penguin to help him keep his balance. In large cities, there are ice rinks in the winter season, which, thanks to modern technology, provide comfortable skating even at positive temperatures. When you go ice skating with your child, remember about his safety. The toddler should have a helmet and protectors for elbows and knees.

Winter – there is nothing to be afraid of!

Some parents are afraid to go outside with their toddlers. They claim that at low temperatures it is easier to catch cold. Nothing more mistaken! If we dress our child properly, regular physical activity outdoors will contribute to the immunity of the body.

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