A healthy spine is a straight spine! Physical exercises to curb scoliosis in your child

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A healthy spine is a straight spine! Physical exercises to curb scoliosis in your child

A healthy, straight back is extremely important for a developing child and into adulthood. Keeping an eye on keeping his figure straight is extremely difficult, especially when the first signs of scoliosis have already been observed. Learn about exercises that can help curb the development of the defect. 

Scoliosis, or what the defect is

Nowadays, the diagnosis of scoliosis in children happens more and more often. It is a defect that is becoming almost a common problem. Some specialists already consider it a disease of civilization. The discomforts that come with it can be alleviated with physical exercises, which you will read more about below.

Scoliosis is a lateral curvature of the spine. It is caused by lack of exercise and a sedentary lifestyle. Especially in children, who are extremely susceptible to all kinds of spinal defects, scoliosis develops relatively quickly. If the toddler does not lead an active lifestyle, he is vulnerable to the formation of the defect. 

To prevent its formation it is necessary to take care of the child’s physical exercise. After all, the spine naturally aligns itself primarily just during movement, not in a sitting position.

Exercises for scoliosis, or how it actually works

Recommended by specialists, there are really many exercises for scoliosis. The choice is very large, so you can adjust the exercises to your child’s liking. This is especially important for the younger ones, as they get bored very quickly, so variety is even advisable. After all, for any training for a healthy back to make sense, it should be done with commitment.

The purpose of exercises for scoliosis is to consolidate proper posture. By performing a given exercise in a technically correct manner, muscle contractures around the spine that cause the fixation of bad posture are eliminated. 

Exercises can be performed regardless of age, level of scoliosis and other factors. Of course, it is worthwhile to consult a specialist – a doctor or physiotherapist – about the training we perform. However, the following exercises can help improve our posture.

Suggestions for exercises

  1. The first exercise we propose is the forward bending of the trunk. Your arms must necessarily be straight here. Try to touch the ground with them.
  2. The next exercise should be performed while standing against a wall. During the exercise, press your head, back and legs against the wall as much as possible. We must not for a moment take our body away from its surface. A seemingly simple exercise has an excellent effect on our posture.
  3. Lie down on your stomach. Straighten and join your legs together. Raise your torso, and work your arms as if you were swimming a frog.
  4. Squats with a slight stretch are also great for combating scoliosis. However, remember to have a straight back and stable posture.

The above exercises are just suggestions to try to see what effect they have on our child. The unquestioned rule, however, is to consult a doctor or specialist. 

First, a proper diagnosis, and then the adjustment of exercises will certainly help in the fight against a defect that appears and develops in a child during adolescence.

main photo: unsplash.com/Corinne Kutz

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