Muscle electrostimulation – what effects does it have?

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Muscle electrostimulation – what effects does it have?

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New to the world of sports are muscle electrostimulation systems. This form of support during training is becoming increasingly popular in both gyms and private practices. The innovation can work supportively during exercise, as well as therapeutically for those struggling with pain. Check out the effects of muscle electrostimulation!

Accelerate the effects of exercise

Muscle electrostimulation systems can significantly increase the effectiveness of workouts. The impulses sent by the electrodes stimulate the muscles to work harder, making your silhouette more slender and fit faster. Thanks to EMS you can sculpt your body even half as fast because when you are not moving your muscles, electrical impulses do it for you. This means that you will notice the effects of your workouts much sooner than when you exercise without the support of an electro-stimulator. You can read more about this at

Lower intensity of workouts

Electrostimulation of muscles is also a fantastic solution for people struggling with injuries or joint pain. During the recovery period after an injury, it is not advisable to expose yourself to intense exercise. Thanks to EMS you do not have to completely give up training and lose your shape. The muscle electrostimulation system allows you to significantly increase the effectiveness of very light workouts. In this way, you do not strain the injured area (e.g. knee, shoulder), but you still exercise the muscles in that area by stimulating them with electrical impulses.

Reduced workout time

Exercising with EMS also saves time, as the electrostimulation system reduces training time by up to half. A training session with an electrostimulator takes only 30 minutes, and is as effective as a full hour of exercise. The half an hour saved by electrostimulation of muscles can therefore be spent on other pleasures or relaxation after training. In sports, it is extremely important to take care of your health – not only physical, but also mental. Post-workout relaxation is highly recommended, so don’t give it up, especially if you have an extra 30 minutes in your day!

Pain relief

Many physical therapists use muscle electrostimulation as a form of therapy for muscle pain. By sending out pulses, excessive tension, which often causes pain, is reduced. Tensing an over-tensioned muscle is very painful if done manually, whereas EMS allows you to heal the tense area as painlessly as possible. It’s also a way to strengthen the muscles that support the spine, thus reducing back pain and possible injuries associated with weakness in these areas.

Significantly improve skin elasticity

EMS is also a way to improve body aesthetics. If you are struggling with cellulite and want to reduce it in a quick way, electrostimulation of muscles is for you. Not only do the electrical pulses stimulate your muscles to work, but they also improve circulation in the areas where they are applied and increase skin elasticity. This makes the body firmer and keeps it looking young much longer.

EMS is a remarkable innovation in the world of sports, medicine and cosmetology. Electrical impulses work on much more than a six-pack on your stomach – they can help you if you are struggling with pain or low elasticity or unsightly looking skin. Now that you know the way to a beautiful and healthy body, get started! Start your EMS workouts today!

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