Ways to stay active with your family

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Ways to stay active with your family

Excessive professional responsibilities makes the time devoted to the family shrink considerably. Therefore, it is worth using every free moment for active recreation, through which you can strengthen family ties and have fun.

What a shell soaks in youth

First of all, a few words about why spending time with family in an active way is better than eating unhealthy snacks in front of the TV watching a family movie. Well, the second option is the shortest way to form in young people the wrong habits for a hygienic and healthy lifestyle.

Young children are like monkeys – they willingly imitate their parents. If at home sport and physical activity is something completely normal, then a young person raised in a sporty spirit will not shy away from activity in the future. He will not necessarily become a professional athlete – long hours of intense training are necessary for that, but he will certainly not struggle with excess weight.

The earlier you start spending time together actively, the more correct habits will be ingrained in the child’s consciousness. When he or she goes to school, he or she will be happy to participate in sports activities, and will not even think about taking a sick leave for a whole semester.

How to actively spend time with your family?

There are many interesting ideas for spending time actively. There is no one fixed path in this matter. Remember to match the type of activity to the preferences and abilities of all family members. If you’re the only one who enjoys running, but you force your spouse and kids to do it, be prepared for a quick rebellion on the family deck, and you’ll get the opposite effect.

It’s crucial, then, to match the type of physical activity to the preferences of everyone in the household. The larger the family, the harder it is to choose one activity, but there is a way out of this situation as well. Make a compromise and decide on the order of activities by drawing lots. For example, you might decide that one week you’ll organize a family bike trip out of town, and the next week you’ll go hiking in the mountains or play beach volleyball at the lake.

Activities for all seasons

Summer in terms of opportunities for active family time outdoors is very kind, provided, of course, that it is not pouring from the sky heat. Remember not to stay too long in the sun on a hot day. In such a situation, postpone your physical activity either for the morning hours or for the late afternoon.

However, you don’t have to limit active family time to the summer months only. There’s plenty to do in the winter too without having to worry about catching a cold – just dress appropriately for the prevailing weather conditions.

In the summer, you and your loved ones can

go on a mountain trail

– start with easy trails, which will be adjusted to the abilities of the weakest member of the expedition, so that everyone will be satisfied with reaching the goal;

organise a cycling trip with panniers lasting several days

– more and more dedicated cycling routes are being built all over the country, allowing you to move safely outside of the car traffic. An interesting proposal may be for example the Green Velo trail or the Vistula Cycling Route;

Swim in the lake

– either by swimming or with the use of floating equipment. However, remember to pay special attention to safety while swimming;

Organize team games in the backyard

– this is an unlimited arsenal of possibilities – soccer, volleyball, tumbling – children love every form of exercise, especially if they can play together with their parents.

Winter is the perfect time to:

– go skiing or sledding together,
– make a snowman,
– go to the ice rink,
– throw snowballs at each other,
– build an igloo,
– go for a family walk,
– organize a sleigh ride.

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