The most interesting sports accessories for kids

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The most interesting sports accessories for kids

Sports accessories make physical activity more fun. Check what your child will enjoy the most!

Sports accessories for children – what to look for when choosing?

Choosing sports accessories for children is not as simple as it may seem to an outside observer. In this case, you have to face not only the children’s expectations about the dream equipment, but also the issue of safety. In addition, you should be careful not to exceed the previously assumed upper limit of expenditure when making a purchase. What accessories are the most popular among children?

Mountain expedition

Each trip to the mountains requires appropriate preparation. Proper tourist habits should be formed in children from an early age. A few-year-old, who is able to cover the route on his own legs, should also have a backpack, and in it at least one sandwich and a juice. A good idea for the first hikes will be MH100 7 l Backpack for kids – its small capacity is perfect for kids between 3 and 6 years old. A slightly smaller version with a capacity of 5 liters is also available online.

Another extremely important issue while hiking in the mountains is properly chosen shoes. You should make sure that they have a fairly aggressive tread, which will allow for a good grip in any terrain. It is well known that children’s feet grow quite quickly, so there is no need to delude yourself – purchased shoes will be good only for a few months. Decathlon provides a very affordable offer in this regard.

Beach vacations

Beach holidays at the seaside are just as popular as trips to the mountains. Here, too, it’s worth taking care of the right accessories to make your time spent by the sea not only more pleasant, but also safer. What will you need?

The basic element of equipment of each beachcomber, who has not yet mastered swimming skills, are swimming rings, boards or noodles for learning to swim. The choice of gadgets is huge. When deciding on a particular purchase, make sure to tailor it to your toddler’s age and ability first and foremost.

Resting on the beach is the time for sunbathing. So you can not forget about the swimsuit and a cream with a strong UV filter. For the little ones, it is recommended that the cream has a minimum of 50 SPF. It should also have water-resistant properties. Thanks to this, the toddler will be able to play on the beach and parents will not have to worry about possible sunburn.

Resting in the city

In the current epidemic situation, not everyone has the chance to go outside the city for a vacation. A good number of children stay at home, which doesn’t mean they have to be bored! There is a whole bunch of sports gadgets, thanks to which even a city summer can be interesting, attractive and full of different challenges.

For some time now, almost every child, sooner or later, starts to ask their parents for a scooter. The scooter is currently very popular, although equally controversial. Properly selected for the age and weight of the child, the equipment allows for safe riding. In sports stores you can find both traditional scooters and those with electric drive. Out of concern for the safety of the youngest ones, it is worth considering the purchase of a scooter on three wheels, which is much more stable. Such a solution is recommended especially for children who are between two and four years old.

If the scooter, then also a helmet. Proper head protection is important when riding a bike or scooter. It only takes a moment of inattention to lose balance, and the contact of the head with the hard ground can end tragically. That is why it is so important that parents set a good example to their children. If you want your child to wear a protective helmet without whining, then you must do the same! Every time you get on your bike, try to follow specific rules. You will find that doing so is much more effective than theoretical lectures on helmet safety.

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