The kit of a little strongman – what exercise dumbbells to buy for your child?

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The kit of a little strongman – what exercise dumbbells to buy for your child?

Sports passion will sooner or later push everyone towards the gym or its home substitute. Then we start looking for, among other things, dumbbells. But which ones will be the best for our kids? We help you find the answer!

Scientists noticed some time ago that children who play sports from the age of 6 develop much better than their peers who spend all day at home. Routine workouts result in: strengthening of bones, joints, growth of muscle mass, which directly supports the development of the young body.

Combining strength training with typical youth physical activities, such as soccer, volleyball, swimming, etc., turns out to have an exceptionally good effect on children’s development. Exercises on specially adapted dumbbells allow you to develop every muscle part, and in addition, their handling is very simple, and they themselves do not need to be heavy.

What kind of dumbbells for children?

As we noted above, the load should not be too heavy; it is intended to support the development of the young body, not overload it. To begin with, dumbbells should oscillate in the range of a kilogram and a half. If we do a good search on the Internet, we can find such an assortment in more than one sports store. If, on the other hand, there would be a problem finding the product, you can also use a water bottle, since 1 liter corresponds to 1 kilogram of load. However, dumbbells are only the first step, the second is proper exercise and proper technique.

How should children exercise?


Two elements are important here in particular: breathing and posture. In the first case, the child must learn that inhalation occurs when lowering the dumbbells, while exhalation occurs when lifting the weights. The second is an upright, stable posture. It is worthwhile for our child to practice the technique dry before grabbing the dumbbells, develop the habit of correct breathing and posture without weights. When it comes to extra pounds, one should be extremely careful, under no circumstances should a child risk overloading the spine.

Number of repetitions

The next dilemma is the frequency of exercise – how often can a child properly train? How many repetitions to perform? Let’s start with the first question – several-year-olds should not exercise more than two days a week. As for the number of repetitions – let them not exceed six per series to begin with. Their number should be small, but adapted to the capabilities of the young athlete. Keep in mind that the body will need at least one or two full days of recovery.


There are several exercises that the youngest can handle to begin with.

Curls – the most typical workout, which involves lifting weights. It is best to perform this exercise with dumbbells in both hands, lift them to the shoulders and slowly lower them.

Presses – you should lie on a bench with your back, while lifting the dumbbells parallel to each other slowly upwards and slightly shorten their distance between each other. It is recommended to gently tense the buttocks, which will allow you to lift the weight more easily.

Squats – to begin with, ordinary squats will suffice, but it is important to have the right leg spacing; a slight stride and feet facing outward. Then, when you notice progress, you can add a weight that you hold in straightened hands in front of you.

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