The best sledding games

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The best sledding games

Sledding season is in full swing! Traditional downhill runs can be made more attractive. We present some interesting propositions of games, which will appeal to every child. You can successfully use them also during physical education classes. Fun is guaranteed!

The most interesting games with sleds

First come, first served – the game takes place on an area the size of a volleyball court. There should be a start – finish line and a halfway point, which should be about 15-20 meters away from each other. Participants equipped with sleds set them on the starting line and stand in front of them. On the signal of the person who conducts the game, the players go around the sled, run to the finish line, cross it and return to their vehicles. The person who first sits on the sled facing the direction of travel, with his feet resting on the skids in front and the string held in his hands receives 3 points, the second – 2 points, the third – 1 point. The game is repeated 3-4 times. The winner is the person who scored the most points. The game can be diversified by dividing the players into teams and setting them up in rows. Then each of them has 1 sled. The first person in the row races against each other first, then the second and so on.

Snow wheelbarrows – the game area is the size of a volleyball court with marked start, finish, and halfway point lines, which should be about 8-10 meters apart. To be able to play this game, you will need two sleds and sashes in two colors. The players are divided into two teams, each with an even number of people. They get into pairs and stand with their sleds on the starting line. One of the players lies down on the sled in front of the team, holding the front of the sled with his hands. The other one stands between the legs and grasps the sled above his knees. On the signal of the leader, the child holding the sled pushes him together with the sled to the halfway line. After crossing the line the roles in pairs are exchanged. The pair whose sled is the first to cross the finish line receives 2 points, the other receives 1 point. The team that scores more points wins. If you have more sleds and sashes, you can divide the participants into more teams.

– Sledgeacrobatic race – the game takes place on a level surface with marked start and finish lines, which are about 20 meters apart. Two sleds are necessary to play the game. The participants are divided into two teams of an even number of people. They line up in rows in front of the starting line, matched in pairs. One of the players from the first pair holds the string, the second one sits on the sled. At the signal of the leader, the participants move towards the finish line. At the same time, the person who is on the sled must perform the following figures: move from sitting forward to sitting backward, kneel on the sled without holding it, stand on the sled without holding it, perform a squat, and stand on the back skids while holding the sled. The person pulling the sled should drive slowly and carefully so that a friend or colleague can correctly and safely perform the various stunts. For each stunt, the player receives 1 point. When it touches the ground, the team is deducted 1 point. The person who, after crossing the finish line, will have the most points for performing the figures, wins the given race. In the case of an equal number of points for figures, the point for the team is won by the player whose sled was the first to cross the finish line. After completing all the figures, roles are swapped in pairs. The competition is won by the team whose players have scored the highest number of points for pair wins at the finish line.

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