An active spring with your child – use the reliable inspiration!

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An active spring with your child – use the reliable inspiration!

Spring is coming! Instead of spending another weekend in front of the computer screen or TV, it is worth taking care of family activity in the fresh air.

Bike trip

How to keep your child physically active? You can take her on a family bike trip. How to prepare for the trip? First of all, it’s worth getting acquainted with safe and interesting routes in the nearest area, which you can take with your child. It is best if it is away from the main, busy road. The advantages of such an activity are numerous. It’s a great way to see new places, strengthen relationships, oxygenate the brain and improve physical fitness. For a cycling trip to be completely safe, the child should be equipped with a helmet, elbow and knee pads, comfortable sports shoes and thermoactive clothing, which effectively wicks sweat away, leaving the skin dry. Such trips can become a family tradition.

Roller skating

Another sport that can be successfully practiced with your child is in-line skating. It is a completely safe activity, which helps strengthen the muscles of thighs and buttocks, without straining the joints. A good place for inline skating is a nearby park, for example. As with cycling, you will need to provide your child with a helmet and protective gear.


Swimmingis a sport that even the smallest children can participate in. We can choose both indoor and outdoor swimming pools. Why should we encourage toddlers to swim? It’s a sport that involves most of the muscles in the body, improves immunity, doesn’t strain the joints and can burn up to 400 calories in 1 hour. It is especially worth to enroll children with posture defects in the swimming pool. After just a few lessons you will notice the correction of changes and strengthening of the spine. What accessories is no swimmer without? In addition to the swimsuit, he or she should also be equipped with inflatable sleeves to make learning to swim easier, a swimming cap, goggles and flip-flops. Sometimes special nose and ear plugs, which effectively protect against water, are also useful.


Another option is trekking. Climbing a mountain together is a great way to strengthen your relationship with your parents. Mountain climbing also helps to improve fitness and immunity. Additionally, it is a great opportunity to admire picturesque views, as well as to gain knowledge on the surrounding fauna and flora. How to prepare a child for such a trip? You should equip him/her with comfortable trekking shoes, thermoactive underwear, softshell jacket, breathable T-shirt, pants and a capacious backpack, in which you can pack a sandwich, a sweet snack and a thermos of tea.


Another sport that can be successfully practiced with your child in the spring season is running. Its great advantage is that such competitions can take place both in the backyard garden and in a nearby park or sports stadium. During one hour of running you can burn up to 480 calories. What is more, this sport effectively improves immunity, increases physical fitness and shapes thigh muscles and buttocks. The little runner should be equipped with comfortable jogging shoes and sports clothes.

Outdoor games

In the spring season, various kinds of outdoor games are also very good. You can, for example, play hide and seek with your toddler. Children will certainly enjoy playing in class or jumping rope. Nothing also stands in the way of organizing a race or arranging a slalom or obstacle course with your little one.

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