How to prepare for a family bike tour?

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How to prepare for a family bike tour?

Spring is the perfect time to organize a family cycling trip. Plan a family trip and spend your free time actively!

Choose an interesting route

Planning a family trip should start with choosing a suitable route. Since there will be children on the trip, the difficulty level and length of the route should be adjusted to their physical abilities. The route should not lead through numerous hills, through a forest or along a busy road. It is worthwhile to provide additional attractions along the way, such as visiting nearby monuments or nature reserves. Making the trip more varied will increase the motivation of the youngest cyclists and can be an opportunity to show interesting historical places. Children can get bored easily, so a varied route will reduce the risk of boredom. For this reason, it is worth to plan the route so as not to come back the same way.

On the bicycle map of Poland there is no shortage of interesting routes, so when choosing a route you can get acquainted with the ideas of other cyclists published on special internet portals of amateurs of two wheels or take part in an organized event which is addressed to the whole family.

Take care of snacks and drinks

A bicycle tour can’t do without a snack prepared in advance. Of course you can stop at a local restaurant and have a hot meal while cycling, but a whole day on the bike requires providing the body with the necessary energy and nutrients. Apart from classic sandwiches , it is worth stocking up on fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts or healthy sweets. Food should be easily digestible and easy to transport. When packing your backpack for a family bicycle trip, do not forget about an adequate supply of water. The body takes a lot of energy during the ride and can get dehydrated quickly, so especially on warm or hot days it is worth taking an extra bottle of drink.

Check the technical condition of your equipment

Before each use of a bicycle you should check its efficiency and technical condition. In case of longer bicycle routes such inspection is obligatory. The last thing you can wish for during a family trip is for your equipment to get damaged a few kilometers from home. On the list of things to check are brakes, chain, derailleur and the level of inflation of tires. You can involve your children in the bike inspection and teach them how to take care of the bike.

If a parent can’t repair and inspect the bike’s performance on their own, they can put it in the hands of professionals. Bike repair shops are busy this time of year, so make an appointment a few days in advance to make sure everything is working properly. On the day of your trip, on the other hand, it’s a good idea to put a few lightweight and basic tools in your backpack that will help with quick repairs if needed along the way and allow you to continue riding.

Bring the necessary documents and check the weather

One thing you may want to check before heading out on a family cycling trip is insurance. This can apply to both the equipment and the trip participants themselves. Being sure that all family members are as protected as possible in case of an emergency or injury makes for a more comfortable ride. For this reason it is also a good idea to pack the most important documents necessary for the trip, such as children’s bicycle cards or passports or identity cards if the route involves crossing a border.

Shortly before the day of the trip it is also a good idea to follow the weather forecast. The prevailing weather will also help you choose appropriate clothing and possibly protect you from rain or strong wind. Your clothing kit should include a rain jacket, a hat to protect you from the sun, comfortable shoes, and air-permeable shirts or pants.

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