10 ideas for joint gymnastics with your child

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10 ideas for joint gymnastics with your child

Exercising at home is an idea for great fun, as well as working on your child’s motor development. Check out our TOP 10!

Physical activity at home with the participation of the child is a way to form healthy habits, stimulate muscles to work and grow, improve circulation, normalize metabolic processes and a large dose of energy. The basis of effective home gymnastics is the attractiveness of selected exercises. Curiosity about the classes can be stimulated by a funny name, fooling around with it, or entrusting the child with the function of the exercise instructor. Gymnastics with the youngest should also take place to the accompaniment of favourite music. The energetic rhythms stimulate the dynamics of the movements, encourage to exercise, and help to catch the right repetition of the sequences. All elements of training should be done together as the child imitates the actions of its parents.

Camel race

This involves walking on all fours, with legs and arms straight, while pushing the bottom up. From a distance, the curved trunk resembles the hump of an African animal. Together, designate a starting point, running route and finish line, making it easy to organize races. The exercise develops balance, improves motor coordination, and strengthens the muscles in the limbs that support the weight of the entire body while running.

Gymnastic tango

Standing facing the child and holding the toddler’s hands, place him on your feet. Once the music is turned on, you can start dancing together. Gymnastic tango allows you to have fun, stretch muscles and joints, and work on maintaining balance while on the move.

Playing in the mirror

One of the most popular family pastimes involving imitating all the movements of the opponent. The pair should sit opposite each other in a comfortable position and take turns showing specific movements and funny faces. Among the movements performed can be nodding from side to side, drawing different shapes in the air or “screwing light bulbs”. The game stimulates the child’s creativity and allows to invent even the most irrational poses. The activity also stimulates facial muscles and helps to develop correct pronunciation in the child.

Obstacle course

Classic game which is great both at home and at the gym. To create an interesting obstacle course you just need a few toys arranged around the house. The distance between the individual elements of the track can be adjusted to your child’s fitness, but the standard should be more than half a meter. After getting acquainted with the slalom, it is worth organizing a family competition with a prize to win.


You will need a skipping rope or string to complete this exercise. You can also use the edge of the carpet. On the stretched out string or skipping rope, the child should walk next to the line, placing the feet crosswise, resembling the gait of a model on the catwalk. During the exercise, keep your back straight, pull your head up high, and tighten your abdominal muscles. Playing model improves proper spinal alignment, which reduces the risk of later postural defects in your child.

Trained lion

A hula-hoop is necessary to perform this exercise. The parent should place the hoop at an appropriate height so that the child can pass through it freely. An additional element of fun is the roar of the lion, which the child can make while performing the exercise.

Gymnastics with a ball

Exercises with the ball can include not only playing a variety of sports, but also stretching the whole body while holding the device in the hands. A large gymnastic ball is perfect for this exercise.


A game imitating the behavior of a dog, during which the child runs around the legs of the parent. The adult’s position should be to stand apart so that the child can freely make figure eights between the adult’s legs.


A classic exercise that is most often part of a warm-up, it can also bring a lot of fun and enjoyment to regular training. Doing jumping jacks can be combined with mirror play.


A popular game where you have to quickly find a safe hiding place when you hear “the floor is lava”. To make the game more comfortable and reduce the risk of an accident for the child, pillows and blankets can be spread on the floor to cushion any accident.

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