Cross-country ski trailers – hit the slopes with your little one!

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Cross-country ski trailers – hit the slopes with your little one!

Skiing for many is an integral, and often even crucial, winter activity that is impossible to do without. There is no shortage of new parents among the enthusiasts of this popular sport. The arrival of a new baby, however, is no reason to give up your favorite sport. Special bicycle trailers with adapters for cross-country skiing make it possible to combine caring for a child with skiing.

Cross-country skiing with a baby

Bike and ski trailers have been designed for children aged from a few months to 5-6 years. Their maximum load capacity is highly dependent on the manufacturer, but usually ranges between 30-50 kg. When it comes to technical matters, there is no need to worry – assembly and disassembly should not take us more than a few minutes. To adapt a bicycle trailer for cross-country skiing, in place of wheels you just need to attach the skids and already you can enjoy the equipment with completely new properties.

Buying such a trailer is, of course, associated with costs, so before making a final decision it is worthwhile to perform a test drive beforehand. After all, it is not said that the child will like this type of activity. Above all, there is a question mark over the reaction of infants aged up to 1.5 years, who are ready to express their dissatisfaction in a rather uncompromising manner. In order to perform tests we should go to the nearest cross-country ski equipment rental, where we can easily find a trailer that interests us.

The best trailers on the market – which of them are popular?

The pioneers on the domestic market of bicycle trailers with adapters for cross-country skiing are Chariot and Nordic Cab companies, while the most popular models are Chariot Couguar and Nordic Cab Explorer. According to testers’ reviews, the former provides a much more comfortable ride for the parent, while the latter features a more quality harness. So before possibly purchasing a trailer, we need to decide which of the mentioned aspects is more important to us. The costs incurred will be less in the case of Nordic Cab, which does not change the fact that our individual preferences should be the key factor when making a purchase.

Cross-country skiing of this kind gives an extremely wide range of possibilities. On the market you’ll find both versions intended for one child and those in which siblings can easily travel. Some models are additionally equipped with a recess in the back which can successfully serve as a trunk. Bicycle trailers with cross-country ski adapters are the answer to a question so often posed by winter sports enthusiasts – skiing or time spent with your child? This simple yet extremely functional equipment will make the combination of both important issues possible!

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