Arcade sports perfect for family gatherings

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Arcade sports perfect for family gatherings

Can’t imagine life without sport? Or maybe your family are typical lazy people, who need to be stimulated somehow? Here are some ideas for family activities that you can do during get-togethers. Agility sports are a great adventure for young and old!

The will is the way to go – how to encourage your family to get physically active

Do you know that feeling when every physical activity you propose is met with firm rejection from other family members? It is high time to change that! But remember – nothing by force, everything by doing! Think about why your relatives don’t like to move and have lots of excuses?

Maybe they haven’t tried a sport they like yet? If someone doesn’t like to run, even the proverbial horses won’t drag them to such an activity. Use your imagination and find a sport that suits the abilities of each member of your family.

Also, have a counterargument ready for any potential excuses. Is it too warm? Get some water and find a shady spot. Too cold? Thermal underwear should solve the issue. They don’t want to? Showcase the athletic achievements of people who, despite their limitations, overcome barriers every day to lead active lives.

What sports are perfect for a family afternoon?

It all just depends on what you like to do. Arcade games are a lot of fun, and there is a wide selection of activities available. Can’t agree with your loved ones on which sport to choose? Organize a vote – let the majority of the family decide. You also have another option. Why limit yourself when you can try different sports?

Who said bowling can only be played on a specially prepared lane? All you need is a little space and an outdoor bowling set. It can be wooden, plastic, or even rubber. The lighter it is, the better – then you can hide it in your backpack and take it on a family walk.

An interesting proposal is compact Finnish bowling, which is made entirely of wood. This game is suitable for six-year-olds. With no upper age limit, toddlers can play perfectly with their grandparents!

This is a proposal of an arcade sport, which came to Poland from France. Every year it becomes more and more popular in our country. What will be needed to conduct the game? A bulodrome will be useful, that is a special square, on which there will be no grass. Most often you can meet the bulodromes with dimensions of 15 × 4 m.

What is interesting, bulodromes are created more and more often in city parks of large cities. You can meet them e.g. in Krakow. During the game of boules two teams face each other, which may consist of one, two or three players. Each participant has three boules at his/her disposal (when there are three players in a team, they have two each). The rules are quite simple. The ball has to be placed as close to the pig as possible. The team which is the first to collect 13 points wins.

Why is it worth practicing sports together?

Family sports (not only arcade sports) are a great way to get bored on Sundays. Time spent together has a chance to strengthen family ties. It’s an opportunity not only to have fun together, but also to have conversations that you don’t have time for every day.

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