Clothing and accessories for trekking in the forest

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Clothing and accessories for trekking in the forest

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Looking for an idea to spend your vacation? Trekking is a way of active recreation, which will satisfy both young and old. For children it will be an amazing adventure, a way to get to know nature and deepen their knowledge about the world of plants and animals. For adults, it will be a great way to relax, relieve stress associated with work and daily responsibilities. Going for a trek in the forest, however, you should equip yourself with appropriate equipment. But what should you take with you to be ready for any circumstance and not overburden yourself with unnecessary baggage?

For particularly cold nights

Proper clothing is essential if you’re going to spend the night in the woods. Even if the days are sometimes warm, it’s a good idea to be prepared for a drop in temperature and take a sweatshirt or jacket with you on your journey just in case. It is good to take care of each member of the family, but if you are afraid that by getting bigger you will not find a model for yourself, remember that plus size women can also dress fashionably and comfortably. Women’s XL sweatshirts are a solution for cold evenings in the woods and a guarantee of a warm night in the tent.

For hunting fans

If you intend to combine your weekend trip in the woods with your other hobby, websites for hunters, such as, will answer your needs. A night vision device is a good option to have in your backpack, allowing you to observe game at night without scaring it away with your flashlight. Another interesting solution is thermal imaging binoculars. This combines the advantages of a thermal camera with the advantages of normal daylight binoculars and gives you an incredibly detailed image.

Don’t be afraid of the dark!

Every fan of trekking knows that without light, there is no way. They also know that the amount of luggage you have to carry has to be limited. That is why hiking essentials were created. It may seem that it is just a flashlight, which light output can be adjusted according to your needs. However, in its aluminum casing you will find various useful items: a compass, a beeswax candle, a can opener, a mini sewing kit or a tiny first aid kit.

All in one

When it comes to the usefulness of small accessories that contain a lot of useful functions, multitools are worth mentioning. Every trekking fan knows that a folding knife is essential. However, you will additionally find on the market copies that include scissors, a tiny hammer, a crowbar, a bottle and can opener, and a corkscrew. This really is a minimal gadget with great power. Definitely an essential for expeditions of any kind!

At the source

Access to clean water is an essential part of a trip to the woods. However, it is not worth taking with you a few or even several liters of water in plastic bottles. Thanks to a filtering bottle adapted to the extreme conditions of adventure tourism, you can purify even several thousand liters of water from various contaminants, bacteria, or parasites. If you pay attention to the presence of a carbon filter, you will ensure the natural taste of water in the heart of the wilderness.

Water doesn’t scare you

Taking your documents with you, you do not have to be afraid that you will return from a forest trekking without them. Waterproof document pouch is a useful accessory, thanks to which you will not be afraid not only of unfavourable weather conditions, but also of dust, folds and tears which may occur during the trip. Although going into the woods you probably don’t plan to identify yourself to anyone, it’s still a good idea to keep your ID, passport or driver’s license safe.

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