Family badminton set – what should you consider when choosing?

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Family badminton set – what should you consider when choosing?

Badminton is one of those summer activities that even the youngest members of the family can participate in. How to properly choose equipment for all players?

What parameters to pay attention to when choosing a badminton set?

If you want to buy equipment for playing badminton, which will serve for several seasons, it is worth investing in professional equipment from a sports store. The cheapest rackets may not survive intensive play, so they will not pass the test of endurance with regular training.

A set to play for the whole family should, above all, be lightweight. The rackets weigh a maximum of 100 g, so they should be comfortable in the hands of even the youngest children. The weight system is classified from 1U to 6U, higher numbers mean lighter rackets. Beginners to the game of badminton should opt for the range between 4 and 6, so that they learn to fully control the equipment.

Heavier rackets speed up the game, increase the power of the stroke and are more stable in a trained hand. On the market, it is also possible to buy a racket with different handle sizes. In this case, it is best to try the racket in a stationary store and judge by yourself which one best suits the individual needs of the future player.

When buying, it is also worth to pay attention to the flexibility of the racket. A stiffer racket enables stronger and longer plays, which, however, is not the most important issue at the initial stage of training.

Badminton racket

The models of rackets are adjusted to the technical skills and age of the player. The technical parameters should be of more interest to adults, who have different needs. In the case of children, the racket can be directly adjusted to his age and height. This will make the game more comfortable.

In the offer of sports stores, badminton sets are divided into those intended for professional play or recreational entertainment. Professional equipment will work well for beginner adults who want to play with durable and effective equipment.

Professional rackets are much more expensive, so you should think carefully about your eventual purchase so that it pays for itself during regular play. Recreational sets are tailored for less demanding players. These types of racquets are more versatile, have an optimal weight and size, which allows a player of any level to play freely.

The recreational version is also relatively cheap, while maintaining the most important technical parameters at a good level. You can independently adjust the thickness of the handle of the pallet to your own needs, securing it with a special racket wrap.

Darts for badminton game

The most important issue when buying darts for family game is their… number. During a regular badminton game with the whole family, a lot of darts may be lost or broken, so it is worth equipping oneself with a considerable supply.

The issue of technical parameters of darts is closed in the material from which they are made and their weight. The heavier the aileron, the slower and shorter it will fly, but it will be easier for children to pick up.

The size of the darts is universal, while the only aspect that can be frowned upon is the question of color. Reflective and colored darts are easier to spot, while white ones can easily disappear from sight.

There are two basic types of darts available on the market. The first are made of goose feathers. Their advantage is better control and predictability of the flight path, so they will be better for younger players. However, they are not very durable and break easily.

More durable are nylon darts, but their flying characteristics are much worse. Ailerons made of artificial material are cheaper, so they may be a good option for recreational badminton play. With time, nylon darts can be replaced with feather darts – thanks to them, it will be easier to learn the technique of correct bounce and flight control.

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