How to start learning archery?

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How to start learning archery?

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Archery is a sport that can be practiced by both children and adults and does not require permits. The ability to shoot with a bow develops discipline and concentration. Where to start the adventure with this sport?

It might seem that archery is relatively simple and doesn’t require any special preparations. Nothing more mistaken! Proper shooting must be supported not only by the choice of bow, but also by several other important elements.

The right bow

There are several types of bows:
– classic
– block
– recreative
– field

For beginners, recreational bows, which are easy to use and fairly lightweight, or the classic bow are recommended. The material from which bows are created varies. They are available in wood and fiberglass, carbon fiber and aluminum.

The choice should also be guided by how often we will use the bow. Different parameters have models designed for recreational, occasional use, others for sports.

The bow

can be adjusted in terms of tension strength. It is assumed that for women it should be up to 12 kg, while for men – 15 kg. Children under 12 years of age can choose a string with a maximum strength of 8-10 kg. It is worth remembering not to choose a model with higher values at the beginning, because due to lack of skills, we will not be able to use the tension freely.

You can also try out several types, so as to choose the one you find easy to operate. It should be borne in mind, however, that the heavier the bow and the string, the more difficult it is to make a precise or even good shot.

We should also match the length of the bow itself. It is assumed that it should be about 10 centimeters longer than the height of the archer.

Selection of arrows

As with bows, the choice among arrows is quite wide. We can decide on the arrows:
– aluminum
– wooden
– fiberglass
– carbon

To start your archery adventure, it is best to choose fiberglass arrows. Why? Because they are flexible, very lightweight and quite strong at the same time.

They must be selected for their flexibility (called spin), length and weight. To match these values, we must determine from what distance we want to shoot. Remember that if the arrow is too flexible, it may be blown away by the wind, and in the case of a hard arrow, it will not fly accurately to the target. Therefore, the best solution will be to try several types.

When buying, you need to pay attention to the weight of the arrow. On average, for every 1 kilogram of pull there is 1.50 gram of arrow weight.

An important element is the arrowhead – beginners should choose a rolled field or point, which stabilizes the arrow in flight.

Finally, the feathering. If you want to shoot longer distances, choose arrows with less feathers, taking up about 12 centimeters.

Useful accessories

It is also worth buying a forearm protector. It will prevent painful abrasions that may occur while learning archery. The second element is the leather gloves that protect fingertips from abrasions.

How to learn to shoot?

In the beginning, it is not necessary to buy specialized and expensive equipment. We can either buy cheaper alternatives or sign up for classes with an instructor, where the necessary equipment is often available on site.

What about technique?

The type of bow affects the archer’s stance, but there are some basics. The first is that the body should be upright and toned, but care should be taken not to overload the legs. The feet should be set at shoulder width and the head slightly tilted toward the target, the neck muscles tight but not overloading the neck. When tensioning the bow, the hand must touch the jaw.

Archery is a very developing sport, and properly performed gives a lot of pleasure. In order not to get discouraged with it too quickly, after consultation with specialists choose the right equipment for you, which will be fully matched to your skills, physical disposition and expectations.

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