Mats – find out what they are good for

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Mats – find out what they are good for

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During exercise, relaxation, yoga and other activities, you need a mat that will be a barrier between your body and the floor. Not only is it hygienic, but it is also more comfortable during your workout. However, mats are not only useful for exercise, see what you can use them for.

Strength training and cardio

When training for full body strength, many exercises are performed on the floor. In order to avoid lying on a dirty floor, soiling or damaging your outfit, and soiling your skin, it’s best to lie on an exercise mat. This is the most hygienic, comfortable and healthy for the spine. A thin layer of soft foam on a hard surface means that many exercises can be performed in a more secure way for the joints and protruding bones. Exercise mats can also become a piece of equipment that aids in the performance of given exercises. You can lie down on a rolled up mat to stretch your spine, or you can kneel on it for some exercises that require uncomfortable positions for your knees


Yoga practice is mostly done in lying or sitting positions. For the shoulder blades and sciatic nodules, performing asanas on the bare floor is an absolute torture. In order not to strain your spine and, at the same time, to truly relax during practice, you will not know the true pleasure of this form of activity without a yoga mat. On a fairly soft foam mat you can perform most of the basic and more advanced asanas in a healthy way. While for yoga you do not need any additional equipment, such as blocks, balls or rubber bands, yoga mat is an indispensable element for every beginner. On it, without feeling the hardness or cold of the floor, you will perfectly relax before going to bed or recharge your energy before starting your day

Acupressure, fighting pains

If you suffer from frequent back pain and headaches, migraines and perpetually tense muscles in your cervical spine, try an acupressure mat to help you solve these problems. It is especially useful for people with a sedentary lifestyle, working at a computer and suffering from back pain caused by this. The acupressure mat is a specially designed mat with spikes that apply pressure to specific areas on the body, stimulating circulation, warming and relaxing the muscles. If you happen to fall asleep in the wrong way, so that you cannot turn your head for three consecutive days, thanks to the acupressure mat the problem will disappear much faster than if you try to “spread” such pain. Regular acupressure will help relax your muscles and eliminate problems with excessive tension in your muscles caused by poor posture. It’s also a great way to loosen up after a workout. Although the initial experience of lying on the sharp spikes is uncomfortable and involves discomfort, the longer you use the acupressure mat, the more you get used to the feeling until it becomes pleasant and soothing. Redness, slight irritation and mild itching of the skin on your back after using such a mat is perfectly normal, especially at first, and is caused by the acceleration of circulation in the pressured areas of your back


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