Should sports clothes be ironed?

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Should sports clothes be ironed?

Sportswear cannot be ironed! Contact with high temperatures will simply ruin the material after a few times. This is an absolute rule that you should follow!

There is no denying that high-class sportswear is a considerable expense. However, more expensive and better-made clothes will serve you for a long time, of course, if you know the basics of taking care of T-shirts and shorts for physical activity. First of all, do not iron sportswear! You will ruin the material, faster than you think. Contact with high temperatures is simply deadly for delicate fabrics. Nevertheless, sports clothes need to be taken care of. There is another way – proper washing.

Wearing the same shirt again for running, especially at a sporting event, can make your opponents miserable. We are talking about the smell. Unless, of course, you want to gain an advantage with this dirty trick. Also remember, even though your clothes seem clean, they are definitely sweaty, so immediately after training or jogging throw them into the washing machine. After washing, simply shake it out and hang it evenly to dry. And once again – do not iron!

How do I wash my sportswear?

Clothes for sports purposes have slightly different requirements, but also the materials from which they are made compared to ordinary clothes. Therefore, the washing machine must be properly set, and the detergents you use must be prepared for washing sports clothes. Incorrect washing can weaken the structure of the clothes, which will then lose their breathability. Follow these few rules after every workout, and you will avoid investing in a new pair of shorts or T-shirts every few weeks or months.

Clean right after your workout – if you ran or exercised in inclement weather, your shoes and clothing are probably muddy. Before you throw your clothes in the laundry basket, hand-clean the stains and remnants of dried or still fresh mud with a cloth. Why? By not doing so, you create the perfect environment for bacteria to grow. This later leads to odor problems in clothes, which are really bothersome and hard to get rid of.

Wash at the right temperature – in this case it is enough to check the markings on the tag of shorts or jackets. There should be information about the temperature and washing program. However, we are aware of the fact that not many people look at “instruction manuals”, especially when it comes to clothes. We recommend that you wash your clothes at 30-40 degrees Celsius – this is the optimum temperature, which will prevent the fabric from stretching. The program you choose is also important. It is best to choose the one for synthetics.

Choose the washing agent – you have a choice between powder and liquid. We suggest you choose liquid! Powder needs higher temperature to dissolve. On the market you will find many specialised liquid detergents, which have been designed for washing sports clothes.

Wash separately – sports clothes should not be washedseparately from “normal” clothes, especially if they have studs, zips or pullers. This will damage the delicate fabric after just one wash. It’s even worse if you wash delicate clothes with shoes or jackets.

Don’t wait to wash – in the first point we talked about cleaning immediately after a workout. This time we want to remind you to wash the same day. Waiting for a long time will make it harder to get rid of dirt and odor.

In conclusion, remember that under no circumstances should you iron your sportswear! You do not need to know anything more about this. However, you can take care of your clothes in other ways, for example, by approaching the washing issue properly, and this is what you should focus on.

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