Get your child off the couch! Home exercise games for the whole family

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Get your child off the couch! Home exercise games for the whole family

How to effectively tear a child away from TV or laptop? With help come various types of games and physical activities. This is an excellent form of home entertainment for the whole family.

The games listed below give a lot of fun and do not require any specialized equipment. To be able to spend time in this way in the family circle, items found in every home will suffice.

Turtle races – participants of the game stand on all fours. They put a weight on their back, for example a bag filled with groats or peas. We move towards the finish line in such a way as not to lose the weight. Children very much enjoy repeating this game many times and beating their own records;

spider man – we braid yarn on the table and chairs, thus creating an obstacle course. The children’s task is to overcome it so as not to get entangled in the spider’s web. This game requires flexibility as well as concentration and precision;

treasure hun ts – we draw a map on a piece of paper with treasures hidden in the house and attach special tasks to it, such as “do 10 jumping jacks” or “rotate 5 times around your axis”;

Balloon tennis – we make paddles out of paper plates and wooden spoons glued to them and play a match using an inflated balloon. This is a completely safe game, which provides a lot of fun;

throw to the target – we put a bowl on the floor. The participants’ task is to throw small objects such as balls or newspapers rolled up into a ball. The one who throws the most shots wins;

Stilt walking – how to make homemade stilts for children in a few moments? For this purpose you just need empty cans, in which you make holes and thread strings through them. The child stands on them, grabs the strings and steers them;

Heat – cold – is another popular game that is great fun for the whole family. One person hides an object of their choice. The task of the rest is to find it. When one of the participants approaches the hidden item, the person hiding it mentions its name and says: “warm”. When he moves away from it, he says: “cold”.

Jumping to the finish line – we put 2 strings on the floor – 1 string marks the start, the other the finish line. The participants throw dice and make as many jumps as they have thrown. The game continues until the first person crosses the finish line;

– How does it move…? – one of the participants shows how the animal he invented moves. The rest of the participants’ task is to guess the animal;

crossing the river – we spread on the floor various objects that can be moved, such as pillows or a rolled up towel. We make a path out of them. The child’s task is to walk along them in such a way as not to fall on the carpet;

Slalom – we set up a slalom on the floor, using various objects arranged in a straight line. These may be bottles or paper cups. The child’s task is to run the slalom in different ways – forward, backward, on one leg, on all fours or blindfolded;

Hide-and-seek game – is a timeless game whose rules are very simple. One person counts to 20, standing by the wall. At the same time, the others look for a hiding place. After counting to 20, the person looking for hiding places looks for hidden participants. When he sees one of them, he runs to the place where he counted and calls out: “one, two, three + the person’s name”. If she is actually hiding there, she must come out of hiding. To protect themselves from being found, the hiders can go to the place where the hider counted and shout: “one, two three – dibs!”;

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