Teenager at the gym – when to start and how to train?

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Teenager at the gym – when to start and how to train?

Physical activity is recommended at any age, but it should be properly matched to the capabilities of the body. At what age can you start regular training at the gym?

Teenagers and the gym – general information

Your adolescent son has been asking you to buy him his first gym membership for a few weeks, but you’re still wondering if he’s too young for strength training? It is worth consulting a specialist in this matter. As a rule, training in a gym is allowed for people over 15 years old, but a lot depends on individual predispositions. If the doctor decides that there are no contraindications for a teenager to start exercising, you can safely invest in a gym membership.

Familiarize yourself with the gym’s rules and regulations

Before you decide to buy your teen’s first gym membership, check the gym’s policy. Some fitness clubs and gyms state in their terms and conditions that only people over the age of eighteen are allowed in. However, it is more common to find a provision in the rules, which allows full participation in the classes of people over fifteen or sixteen years of age, of course with the consent of a parent (legal guardian). If you want to make sure that your child can participate in your local health club without any obstacles, read the regulations of the facility or talk to the staff.

Special classes for young people

You don’t have to worry that your child can’t handle the gym. In the schedule of more and more gyms you will find classes designed for teenagers. This is the safest form of activity for people of young age at the gym. Classes are conducted under the supervision of a trainer, who knows exactly what type of activity will be suitable for the developing body.

Individual training at the gym

If you want to give your growing child a chance to shape their dream silhouette from the very beginning under the watchful eye of an experienced tutor, you should take advantage of the personal training offer. This is a great option for the beginning of the adventure with the gym. The young person will have a chance to develop proper exercise habits. The technique is extremely important, which should be kept in mind by people of all ages. It is important to note, however, that such training is not cheap. Apart from a ski pass, you also need to buy individual lessons from an instructor, and the cost of such classes is at least several dozen zlotys per hour, but it is really worth it. Just a few lessons will make your teenager feel more confident at the gym, learn what training will be suitable for him and how to properly use the exercise machines available at the gym.

Tailor your workout to your abilities

The absolutely basic rule, which should be repeated like a mantra to your teenager, is that strength training should be properly adapted to the capabilities of the body. Too much load can result in injuries. They are not only painful, but also make normal functioning difficult. Additionally, they may eliminate a person from further trainings for a few weeks. A teenager, whose skeletal system is still developing, should avoid exercises that burden the spine.

What are the advantages of gym training for teenagers?

If the type and intensity of training is properly matched to a teenager’s age, stage of development, and individual abilities, it can provide many benefits. No one who has an adolescent under their roof needs to be told how much energy is hidden in such a person. Working out in a gym will allow you to release your emotions. It is a good way to reduce stress caused by raging hormones. Another benefit is integration with peers, especially if you enroll your teenager in classes designed for a specific age group. It’s also worth noting that regular training at the gym is a great way to learn to be systematic and strive for a goal.

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