Gymnastic exercises for children at home

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Gymnastic exercises for children at home

Gymnastic exercises performed with a child are a great way to actively spend free time at home. What should be kept in mind when planning this type of training? What kind of exercises can we do? Here are some useful tips.

Home gymnastics exercises – safety first

To make gymnastics exercises both effective and completely safe, you need to prepare for them properly. The first step is to prepare the space for training so that you don’t bump into furniture or toys in the room. Gymnastic exercises can be performed both in the children’s room and in the living room. If you have limited space, move the furniture against the wall. A piece of floor the size of an exercise mat is sufficient for this type of training.

A very important issue during this type of activity is comfortable, unrestrictive clothing. A simple T-shirt and leggings or sweatpants are best for this purpose. You can train barefoot as well as in sports shoes. Avoid exercising in socks. This is because they can slip on the mat or floor, increasing the risk of a painful fall.

It is also inadvisable to exercise right after a meal, as it can end in heartburn, reflux or vomiting. It is best to wait about two hours before exercising with your baby. There is also nothing to stop you from doing a short sequence of exercises right after waking up, before breakfast.

Best exercises for children

Home training with your child should begin with stretching exercises to support the muscles. Their main advantage is that we do not need any additional equipment to perform them. How can such exercises look like? Here are some suggestions.

– Standing, we make an excursion once on one leg, once on the other.
– We catch our hands behind our back, making the so-called safety pin.
– Sit on the floor and bend down to your feet, with your legs joined and straight at the knees.
– Sit in a Turkish position, extend your right arm upward and point it to the left side. Do the same with the left hand.
– Perform several head rotations to either side.

What are the most universal gymnastic exercises for children, which can be successfully performed by toddlers of all ages?

Jumps once on the left, once on the right leg

– this is a great way to improve balance and coordination.


– performing this exercise, a toddler is able to warm up a large number of muscles at the same time.


– this popular exercise is great for strengthening the muscles of the lower body.

Camel races

– the child walks on all fours with legs straight and buttocks out, moving his left arm and leg and then his right arm and leg. Whoever crosses the finish line first wins.

Crampon races

– the toddler rests on his arms and legs with his stomach up. Then he lifts his hips and moves in this position towards the finish line.

Gymnastic concert

– the child sits on the floor, supporting himself with his hands behind his back and bending his legs at the knees. Then, the child raises his legs in the air and at the word “drum,” strikes the floor with his heels, and at the word “piano,” plays it with his toes. To make this exercise more difficult, the toddler can tap out the rhythm of a specific song indicated by the parent.

– Swimmingin the carpet

– the child lies down on the floor and pretends to swim in a frog.

Playing in the mirror

– the child and its parent sit opposite each other. At first, the toddler imitates the movements of mom or dad and then changes. This exercise can be varied by making different kinds of faces. This is a great way to develop facial muscles.


– the parent stands wide apart and the child runs on all fours around the parent’s legs, doing figure eights and barking and squealing like a real puppy.

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