TOP5 most interesting sports for preschool children

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TOP5 most interesting sports for preschool children

A healthy lifestyle should be largely based on physical activity. The selection of an appropriate sport discipline is important in the case of the youngest children – their motor system is just being formed!

When to start the adventure with sport?

Many parents wonder whether their children are ready to enter the world of sport at full speed. Positive role models should be formed from an early age. Children brought up in homes where physical activity is a part of everyday life are much less likely to be overweight, and even at a later age they do not avoid sports activities. Pre-school age is a good time to introduce your child to trainings, of course at the beginning only in the form of fun – there is still time for real competition and intensive effort. Both the type of sport, as well as the form of training are elements that should be properly matched to the age of the child and its capabilities.


There’s no denying that riding a bike is one of the favorite activities among toddlers. The first attempts can be started as early as with a two-year-old – in this case cross-country bikes are dedicated for children of this age. It’s advisable to ask your doctor about the development of your child’s motor system – whether it’s ready for him to develop fitness on a bike. The next stage of adventure is a bicycle on three wheels – a great option for a toddler who is over three years old. The older the child gets and the better he can handle the bike, the more you can try other solutions, such as a bike with supports or finally a bike on two wheels. Remember to keep your child’s safety in mind – a helmet and pads are a must! Cycling is a perfect way for an active family recreation. Passion instilled in a child can last for many years, who knows, maybe in the future he will become a professional cyclist?


Regular visits to the pool will help strengthen the motor system of your toddler. The familiarization with water should be started as early as possible. You can find organized swimming classes for babies in diapers! The sooner your child feels like a fish in water, the more willing it will be to train swimming in the future. Frequent respiratory infections may be a contraindication to swimming. By swimming, your child can improve its fitness, endurance, and motor coordination.


In principle, it is from gymnastics that the adventure of a toddler with sport should begin. Even children who usually avoid physical activities can cope with simple exercises. Playing together has a chance to convince even the most resistant individuals that movement is not only healthy, but also a great adventure. Gymnastics is very often offered in kindergartens as additional classes. Depending on the institution, the monthly cost ranges from several dozen to over a hundred zlotys. Sometimes, gymnastics is conducted interchangeably with rhythmics, which in turn provides an ideal basis for later honing of dance skills.

Combat sports

Thanks to them, from an early age a child exercises not only stamina and muscles allowing to maintain correct body posture, but also hardens the spirit. Training in combat sports requires absolute obedience to the trainer. This is a good way of taming unruly souls. Through regular participation in combat sports training, the child also develops his or her ambitions. Gaining new skills, examinations for ranks (especially in karate) mean that the child begins to apply himself more and more diligently to training.

Mountain trips

Preschool age is the perfect time to instill in a young person a passion for mountain peaks. The planned routes should be adapted to the skills and abilities of the small body. The high parts of the Tatra Mountains should be left for later, for the beginning the well-trodden trails of the Beskid Mountains will work perfectly. A great idea for the first hike is the Silesian Beskid – the approaches there are relatively mild, and there are many hostels where you can catch your breath during a longer hike.

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