How to take care of joints during sports? 5 universal rules for active children and adults

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How to take care of joints during sports? 5 universal rules for active children and adults

Families who regularly participate in sports should take special care of their own and their loved ones’ health. With increased physical activity the joints, among others, are exposed to injuries. How to avoid potential injuries?

Joints are one of the most important and delicate elements of the human body. They are susceptible to various mechanical injuries and degenerative changes mainly due to their exceptional mobility. In addition, during almost all daily activities we subject them to relatively demanding tests

The causes of joint injuries include both too intensive sports and sedentary lifestyle, as well as a number of other factors. Providing them with proper protection is not an easy task, but it is possible. Here are 5 universal rules, thanks to which the whole family will forget about joint problems!

1. Diet is the key to success

Every person who exercises regularly is well aware of the importance of a balanced diet. In the context of healthy and efficient joints, a particularly important role is played by complete protein, which can be found, among others, in lean meat, fish or legumes. The best cure for inflammation are omega acids – their sources include fatty fish, nuts, avocados and vegetable oils.

2. Bet on supplementation

In addition to a healthy diet, it’s also worth paying attention to supplementation. Products designed for joints contain ingredients such as collagen, glucosamine, vitamin C or hyaluronic acid. Proper supplementation will not only protect us from most degenerative changes, but also, in case of their occurrence, will effectively help us fight them.

3. Keep moving..

As we mentioned at the beginning, a sedentary lifestyle leaves its mark on our joints. Therefore, an excellent recipe for healthy joints is nothing else but various types of physical activity. Whether it’s a competitive sport or a family outing for a walk, bike ride, or swim, exercise will help support joint function and serve as a preventative measure against arthritis. It’s fun to work out with your loved ones, so make it a habit to get the whole family active!

4. …but with your head

We’ve discussed the many benefits of regular exercise for our joints, but like anything else, sport should be approached with common sense. What does that mean in a nutshell? You shouldn’ t do any exercise that makes you feel uncomfortable, and each workout must be preceded by a warm-up and followed by stretching. Under no circumstances should you engage in activity while injured – your joints will certainly thank you for it.

5. Stress level

Stress undoubtedly has a negative impact on various aspects of life and joint health is no exception. Studies have shown that elevated stress levels can lead to a number of autoimmune diseases. So, after another difficult day at work or school, let’s sit down at the table with the whole family, talk about trivial matters, turn on a good movie or indulge in another hobby – this will not only rest our mind but also our body.

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