How to strengthen the immunity of the whole family?

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How to strengthen the immunity of the whole family?

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Spring and summer seemingly means the end of the cold season. However, warm weather has its pitfalls – first of all, spring can be capricious and going out in a too light outfit can end up with freezing. Besides, summer is the time of swimming in lakes and seas, and with wet hair, even a weak wind is enough to put immunity to the test. So how to strengthen your family ‘s immunity all year round? Check out our tips!

Home remedies

Summer spoils us with an abundance of fresh vegetables and fruits. A diet rich in them provides the body with all the necessary vitamins and minerals, which naturally increases immunity. Seasonal vegetables and fruits, such as peppers, tomatoes, broccoli, strawberries or black currants, contain an unusually high amount of vitamin C, which is essential for immunity. Of course, lemons have the most ascorbic acid in them, but citrus season is in the fall and winter, so lemons won’t be as tasty and healthy as they are in November, for example. To support immunity even in hot weather, you can prepare lemonade sweetened with honey for the whole family. Honey acts as an antibacterial, supports immunity and soothes sore throat. Thus, citrus fruits and honey can be used not only for warming winter infusions, but also for refreshing lemonade.

Herbal medicine and supplementation

Herbs, like honey, are proven to support healing and strengthen immunity. An infusion of rosehip or hibiscus is rich in vitamin C, while ginseng increases oxygenation of body cells and supports the body during convalescence. Another extremely valuable natural ingredient is cordyceps, which has virucidal properties, alleviates the course of various infections and inflammations and fights free radicals, thus reducing the risk of cancer. An infusion of basil helps fight a runny nose and supports the body while fighting infection, while chamomile is famous for its inflammation-relieving properties.

Herbs and natural, herbal supplements are a great way to suppress and defeat a fledgling infection. A high dose of vitamin C and antibacterial ingredients can cure us even before we actually get sick.


Superfoods, or foods that contain extremely high amounts of valuable ingredients in a small volume, are a very popular nutritional trend in recent years. No wonder, goji berries or chia seeds are delicious and contain plenty of micro and macro elements and vitamins that the body needs to help it function. Such dietary supplements are better than any pill because they come straight from nature. One of the superfoods is spirulina powder, which can be added to oatmeal, smoothie or even tea. It is a chlorophyll-rich substance that is extracted from marine algae. It supports the immune system, improves oxygenation of body cells and cleanses the skin wonderfully. It is especially recommended for vegetarian and vegan diets due to its extremely high protein and iron content.

Taking care of your health and supporting your immunity is important at any time of the year, even during these warm months we can’t forget about a healthy diet and supplementation of essential ingredients. In order to spend the vacations on the beach and not under the comforter, it is important to ensure that both yourself and the whole family have access to vitamins and substances that support immunity. Fortunately, there is one vitamin that does not need to be supplemented in the summer – significantly increasing immunity vitamin D3 is naturally produced in our body under the influence of contact with sunlight. Summer provides us with many tools to support our health. Let’s take advantage of it!

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