How to replenish electrolytes after exercise – a guide for active families

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How to replenish electrolytes after exercise – a guide for active families

At a time when the heat is unbearable and people with a penchant for sports, overheating, strokes and general water and electrolyte imbalance are common. How to defend ourselves against this dangerous enemy that sucks the energy out of us? Consciously.

Electrolyte deficiency – how to recognize it

Not only heat adversely affects the deficiency of electrolytes in the body. Any activity in which we sweat, i.e. games and plays for children, sports for adults, or regular bowel movements deprive our body of valuable electrolytes. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to control their level by regularly supplying the body with this component.

Every body is different, so you need to be able to recognize the symptoms of electrolyte deficiency yourself. Among the most common are general weakness, and consequently bad mood, muscle trembling, sleepiness, lack of energy. In addition, diarrhea, dizziness and nausea may also occur. At some point the body may even be threatened by fainting, high blood pressure or heart arrhythmia. This makes electrolyte deficiency a really serious enemy.

In case of children the situation is much more dangerous, because in the eagerness of playing the child often forgets about its needs, so before anyone realizes, the child may already have a significantly strained organism. That is why it is so important for the youngest to regularly replenish electrolytes.

How to replenish electrolytes

Depending on age, weight, and lifestyle, electrolyte needs vary. It is assumed that an adult should drink up to 2 liters of water per day. Of course, these two liters can also be in the form of juices, fruits and vegetables or soups. The way they are supplied to the body is essentially arbitrary, but important for proper functioning.

Replenishing electrolytes in an adult is easy because he is aware of the signs of fatigue or deficiencies in the body. When it comes to any type of water and electrolyte disturbance, a few sips of water are usually all the body needs to recover. However, it should be noted that ignoring such a condition for an extended period of time can even cost you your life, so be very careful when faced with the heat we face during the vacations.

A much bigger problem we have with children, who do not always tell their parents what ails them or what they need. For this reason, adults should be especially alert to any signs of electrolyte deficiency.

Another major problem with children is grumpiness. This affliction affecting every youngster is especially troublesome on hot days, when the child should be drinking a lot, but doesn’t like water, vegetables, fruit, and anything but McDonald’s or sweets.

How to deal with this problem? It’s understandable that water or fruit may not be appealing to your child. But what happens when fruit turns into, for example, fruit salad or shashliks, and water turns into lemonade? A very good way is to add electrolytes to the water, which can be found in pharmacies. They are sold in the form of sachets or tablets. You can also create a homemade isotonic. Just water, salt, honey and lemon and you will never have to buy it from the store again

And most importantly. No matter what age you are – sleep is essential. 8 hours of sleep will regenerate your body and prepare it for new challenges

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