Diet and nutrition of a young athlete – the most common problems

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Diet and nutrition of a young athlete – the most common problems

Do you have a young athlete living at home and you’re not sure if he or she is eating right? With these tips, you’ll never doubt that your child is eating healthy again!

Breakfast for young athletes

Not only is it important what we eat for breakfast, but also when we eat it. Nowadays, kids who play sports also have many other activities, like playing an instrument, an extra language and of course school to prepare for. What sometimes doesn’t work out in the evening, needs to be completed in the morning. There is always little time before the first class or practice. The chaos around can make breakfast irrelevant and a young athlete can go into training with an empty stomach.

Is this a good thing? Definitely not. There are several ways to deal with this problem. First – get up a few minutes earlier. This option probably isn’t always an option, because a young body needs sleep.

You can always prepare breakfast earlier. Blending a smoothie is just a few moments, because you just need to throw the ingredients into the blender, but preparing them and figuring them out can take some time. This is where plastic containers will work perfectly. All you have to do is prepare yourself 7 smoothie ideas, measure the ingredients beforehand and pack them in the boxes. This way, making breakfast will be limited to the push of a button, and if your child is a light sleeper, a working blender will act as an alarm clock.

Another solution is cereal. Kids love little chocolate balls or cornflakes. However, this is not a good option for a developing body, not only because of the amount of sugars in the cereal, but also because your child will be hungry again in an hour. A good alternative to sweet cereal on milk will be oatmeal. It is enough only oatmeal and additives (dried apricots, prunes, cranberries, raisins, natural honey), so that the child has energy for the entire training.

Lunch for a young sportsman

A child spends most of his time at school, and therefore it is there that he eats the second most important meal of the day – lunch, and also the second breakfast. While eating lunch is already somewhere within the boundaries: he probably ate, it is clearly worse with eating the second breakfast.

You never know who ate mom’s laboriously prepared meal – the child or the trash or maybe a classmate. How to deal with this? Try to prepare such breakfasts that the child likes. In this way, the probability of its eating by the owner can significantly increase.

And what about lunches at school? If the child does not eat them, it is likely that he does not like them, so there is no point in forcing him. However, in order to survive the arduous day at school, it is worth preparing your little one an extra meal, thanks to which he will survive until lunch at home.

Snacks for children who play sports

If you think that your child does not eat sweets during the day, you are very wrong. While there may not be a vending machine for chips or Coke at school, surely students have long known how long it takes them to run to the store and back during a 20-minute break without anyone noticing.

How to deal with this? Make your own oatmeal bars with honey, or vegetable chips, which, despite appearances, are very tasty. Having such a snack in the backpack, the child will not have a sudden need to snack.

Dinner for a young sportsman

This meal can not be forgotten, which, however, often happens to us. Despite the fact that it is already the last meal, it is as valuable as the previous ones. However, it should not be lavish. The best end of the day will be something small, so that the young athlete can sleep peacefully after a hard day.

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