Content marketing vs SEO – how does this relate to the sports industry?

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Content marketing vs SEO – how does this relate to the sports industry?

Even the most ardent skeptics of technological innovations make massive purchases online every day and seem to be moving away from stationary purchases more and more. This fact, however, should not surprise anyone. The Internet opens up many new opportunities for shoppers, and one of them is saving money, a New York SEO expert told us in an interview. Interestingly, however, the e-commerce industry is also an opportunity for entrepreneurs who want to expand their business into other industries or want to sell their goods or services to Internet users. Unfortunately, along with the possibility of making more and more profit, the competition is also increasing, which makes the barrier of entry into the market more difficult to overcome with each passing day, adds New York SEO expert. On the web, the basis is the visibility of a given website in comparison to others. It is worth taking care of it so that customers can find it. Find out also what content marketing and positioning are and why the support of a lead generation agency such as iCEA group will make it much easier for you to achieve your goals.

E-commerce in the modern world of trade and services

E-commerce, or rather e-commerce, is the sale of goods and services over the Internet, without direct service at points of sale. Until recently, customers preferred to buy goods by looking at them in person, but now more and more people are spending money on online shopping. Why? There are many reasons, which are listed by Best Arlington SEO agency and iCEA lead generation agency group. Among them are:

  • the possibility of comparing prices of a given commodity with each other at many sellers,
  • fast shipping – goods may be at the customer’s as early as the second working day,
  • full transaction security. The law effectively protects Internet users, e.g. by providing a legally guaranteed possibility to return goods within 14 days without giving a reason,
  • You can order everything without leaving your home, directly from your sofa or desk chair,
  • On the web you can also find items that are not available in stationary stores,
  • and many others.

Entrepreneurs can also benefit from the popularization of e-commerce. In their case, among the advantages it is worth emphasizing:

  • reaching customers from all over the country,
  • possibility of selling even the most specific and not very popular products,
  • a small initial investment – entrepreneurs can begin a career in e-commerce without having to commit large funds for renting premises or hiring employees for direct service,
  • and many others.

As it turns out, e-commerce opens up many new opportunities that you too should take advantage of. Until recently, many people considered e-commerce to be unsafe, but now it is regulated and therefore a very attractive alternative to traditional sales. Working with expert lead generation agencies like iCEA Group or Best Arlington SEO is completely safe and breeds trust between the expert team and the client, who gets a lot of benefits from this cooperation, like much higher visibility of the website in search results

Website positioning – what is it and why is it so important?

Any fresh website, right after being published online, usually lands at the very end of Google search results and thus does not generate any value. Customers are not able to find it, and thus make a purchase on it, so the entrepreneur loses the opportunity to generate profits. The basic tool to combat this problem is positioning. This process involves meeting all the guidelines set by Google’s algorithm, which based on its parameters calculates the position of the site in the network, but its operation is secret, so the success of positioning depends mainly on the positioner. The algorithm compares the entire source code of the page with the key and on this basis assigns it a position.

The algorithm is extremely complex and basically evaluates the entire page, most importantly:

  • time spent on the page by an internet user,
  • rejection rate,
  • compatibility of keywords with the content of the page,
  • saturation of available content with key phrases,
  • frequency of site updates,
  • number of internal and external links and backlinks,
  • page load speed,
  • presence of a mobile version of the website,
  • https certificate,
  • and many, many more.

Meeting all the guidelines of Google’s algorithm (of which there are several hundred) can eventually lead our website to the very top of Google SERP (Search Engine Results Page). However, it is not an easy task – the algorithm is secret, so SEOs have to rely on Google’s general guidelines.

And what is content marketing then?

In e-commerce, the leader is still a Shopper according to the experience of the best Arlington SEO agency, which gives many opportunities to entrepreneurs. Hundreds of plugins and many available tools make this engine especially popular among beginners and advanced sellers. An equally well-known Sote is a good choice. This engine has similar advantages as the above one, so you should take it into consideration when setting up your own online store.

Coming to an end, a New York SEO expert adds – a common feature of all CMSs is the ability to introduce content marketing. This process consists in creating new content and articles, e.g. blogs, writing tutorial texts, recording videos, creating interesting graphics and infographics or organizing webinars, which are very popular nowadays.

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  • Ryan Hamilton 22.08.2022

    Recently, when I was looking for new ways to effective positioning, I found out about SXO. It is the combination of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and UX (User Experience). It was then that I realized how important in the entire optimization process is caring about the user experience. SXO not only allows you to reach users, but also make them willing to visit your site in the future. Nowadays, when the competition on the Internet is constantly growing, SEO is no longer enough. Therefore, it is worth enriching your activities to achieve first position in the search results.