Family trip to the mountains – how to prepare for it?

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Family trip to the mountains – how to prepare for it?

Mountains are a place where people are drawn to because of the beautiful views and the dose of adrenaline they get while climbing the peaks. Whether it’s the Tatras or the Sudetes, it doesn’t matter if you love these regions. Every opportunity for a trip to these places is ideal, but how to prepare for such a trip, if you are leaving with the whole family?

What do I need to take on a family trip to the mountains?

When going to the mountains, even in the heat of summer, you cannot forget about a few basic things and gadgets. It may seem that if it’s warm, you don’t need warmer clothes, because what for? However, this is a very misleading thought, because mountains are a place where weather is very changeable, and the temperatures there are usually lower than in central Poland. Apart from that, you should make sure that all participants of the expedition have shoes which suit the trail.

The optimal solution is all models of trekking shoes, because they are adapted to mountain surfaces. You can get both sandals and full winter boots in stores. It is necessary to remember about headgear. It is through the head that most heat escapes. A hood alone may not be enough. If the sun outside the window quite strongly heats, it is worth choosing models of hats dedicated to athletes. Not only are they lightweight, but they’re also great at wicking sweat, so you’ll be protected from the chill.

A travel backpack as protection for all situations

A hiking backpack is another must have that you must have with you when you go on a trip. Travelling on foot with a child requires not only fitness, but also a few elements, which protect both the child and the parent from unexpected events. In such a backpack it is worth to pack:

slings or carriers – certainly the latter solution will be better;

warmer clothes – a fleece jacket, a raincoat and a kaftan for a child;

Cell phone – it is necessary to have a charged battery, you can also put in a powerbank;

provisions – whether it is a family trip for half an hour or a longer journey to climb Szrenica, the backpack must contain something to eat and drinks to rehydrate the body;

your child’s favorite toy.

You should also remember about the first aid kit, which should be fully equipped. In addition, you can take insect spray and necessary daily medications. You can go on a mountain expedition even with a few months old child, but you should remember about all the safety rules and proper preparation for the march.

A good trip plan is the foundation of a successful expedition

For a trip to the mountains to be successful, it must first of all be carefully planned. First of all, it is necessary to determine the travel budget, which you have to fit in, and to find a suitable accommodation, which will take into account the stay of the child. We should plan everything well in advance. When choosing the place of the trip, you should figure out what attractions are nearby, so that children also have other activities than just climbing the peaks.

How to dress for going out on the road?

Going out on the trail certainly requires proper clothing. If it is summer, we should put clothes appropriate for the weather, but in the backpack there should be also a jacket, long pants or a rain cape. Weather in the mountains is unpredictable and can change dynamically. It is a good idea to dress your child in the mountains on the onion. Several layers will definitely warm up better than one, and if the child sweats, you can always take one off. Proper clothing guarantees protection during a mountain expedition, which can be unpredictable.

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