What is it like to learn at foreign ski schools?

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What is it like to learn at foreign ski schools?

Learning to ski under the watchful eye of an experienced instructor is the fastest way to master the art of moving on two boards. As it turns out, foreign schools have a very extensive offer!

Going on vacation abroad? Check out the offer of ski schools!

If you are planning a family ski trip and you are taking a child with you, who is not yet comfortable on two boards, then when deciding in which mountain region you will spend your vacation, find out what the local ski schools have to offer. Not all ski areas have something for the little ones. And yet, you want your child to get into the care of experienced instructors, under whose guidance mastered the art of skiing. Interesting offers of ski training for children can be found in every country. Whether you are planning a winter vacation in Italy, Austria or Germany, you are sure to find a ski school that meets your requirements.

Austria – a real paradise for beginners

A ski trip to Austria has many advantages. The relatively short distances involved, the well-prepared and extremely varied slopes and, above all, the extensive ski training on offer for the youngest skiers – these are just a few of the advantages for those planning a winter holiday in this country.

Wondering if your child will catch the ski bug? Buy a trial lesson!

A trial lesson (many ski schools offer them at a reduced price compared to regular lessons) is a great way to find out if your child will be at all interested in learning to ski or snowboard. It’s a great deal if you are taking your child to the mountains for the first time and your kid hasn’t had a chance to see what it means to go crazy on white powder before. You don’t have to buy the whole package of lessons at once, which, there’s no denying, is not one of the cheapest. For about 30 euros you get a full-fledged trial lesson, after which your child will be able to decide whether this form of learning suits him.

Group or individual lessons?

Both solutions have advantages. Which one is better for your child? That’s up to him! As a general rule, toddlers feel comfortable in a group of peers, and they learn better when they have other children around them. However, it may happen that your child requires an individual approach – in this case, decide on individual lessons with an instructor.

Germany, Italy, Switzerland – you will also find good ski schools there

Do you want your child to learn skiing on foreign slopes? You do not have to limit yourself to going to the Alps in Austria. You can go to any country and you will surely find a ski school that has a program tailored to the needs and requirements of the youngest. For example, in the Italian Dolomites, Polish ski schools are organized for several days – the classes are designed for children aged from several to several years. Lessons with an experienced instructor is a much better idea than the child’s own learning.

Some parents (mostly for financial reasons) decide to teach a toddler to ski on his own. This strategy is not the best one and for several reasons. First of all, a toddler feels confident with his own parents. You can sometimes get the impression that they are too confident and if they don’t like something, they can start making the proverbial “mockery”. The child feels respect to the instructor, and thanks to that assimilates the knowledge passed by him faster. Secondly, you may be the best parent in the world, but unless you are an instructor, it may turn out that the skiing teacher will be rather poor. If you don’t want your child to learn bad skiing technique from the very beginning, then put your child under the care of people who know this very well. Thirdly, by teaching your child to ride, you yourself will lose the chance to make the most of your vacation.

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