Sports accessories for the young soccer player

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Sports accessories for the young soccer player

Playing soccer is one of the most versatile activities kids do. Here are some useful gadgets that can help develop young talent!

Attire and footwear

The basis for a casual game is the correct choice of footwear. The most common choice is soccer plugs, which work great on turf. Shoes should be chosen according to the surface on which training takes place. A different type of plugs will work well on a pitch covered with live grass, others will work well for indoor or artificial surfaces. In the correct selection of shoes will help specialists, which you can ask for help when visiting a sports store.

An equally important piece of equipment is sportswear. When buying, pay attention to the size, material of the clothing and the level of air permeability. The child sweats a lot during exercise, so when choosing a training outfit, it is important to take care of proper thermoregulation and water absorption through the material. When it comes to the outfit for a young footballer, you can also choose clothes signed with the name of your favourite player. Such clothing will certainly give the young athlete extra motivation to play.


In addition to playing comfort and appearance, protection against potential injuries is also an important aspect. The most important element is the shin guards, which protect the shins that are exposed to numerous impacts due to the nature of the game. When choosing protectors you should pay close attention to their shape, weight, size, material and the level of difficulty in putting them on. These aspects are especially important for young players who are gaining experience in playing with pads, and their movements during training or a match cannot be restricted.

Players who play the position of a goalkeeper should also take care of good gloves and protectors for knees and elbows, which as a result of goalkeeper’s interventions can get injuries, scratches or abrasions. Specialists who deal with the distribution of sports equipment will help in the selection of appropriate, safe and effective equipment.

Game ball

Each football club or school is equipped with balls adjusted to the capabilities of children; however, in order to motivate young players and encourage them to train regularly, it is worth investing in their own ball. The key aspect is its weight. The lighter the ball, the easier it will be to play with. However, when training a young player, the load should be gradually increased and the player should be prepared for a standard ball weight and size.

When choosing the equipment, it is also important to pay attention to the covering, the manufacturing method and the material used to create the ball. The most common models are made of PVC, PU, TPR or natural leather. The cheapest models are usually made entirely of the first type of material. More professional, flexible, durable and long-lasting balls are made of other materials and their top is additionally covered with a layer of waterproof laminate, which preserves the shape and mobility of the ball when playing in rain or mud.

Additional accessories

In addition to the basic accessories, it is worth equipping the young player with devices that will add variety to their training and increase the difficulty of the game. Such accessories include, among others, football ladders, which are placed on the ground. By practicing with the ladder, the player develops his agility, speed and motor coordination. Equally helpful in developing the skills of a young player are cones, which can be used to form a special slalom.

Another useful gadget are hurdles, which improve the player’s agility, mobility and speed of movement on the field. Beneficial in the development of a young footballer are also any devices that assist in the training of fixed parts of the game, such as a football wall, which helps to train the skills of taking free kicks.

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