Canoeing for two – an idea for an active weekend or an original date

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Canoeing for two – an idea for an active weekend or an original date

Canoeing has been gaining a lot of popularity in recent years. Why should you go kayaking?

A sport for everyone

One of the biggest advantages of kayaking is that the sport can be enjoyed by anyone. Kayaking tours are divided into routes with different levels of difficulty, so you can choose a rafting trip that suits your needs and skills. Those starting out in kayaking can choose a route for families with children and dogs. Then the level of difficulty is the lowest, you don’t have to carry the kayaks, the water is not deep, there are not many obstacles along the route, and the water current is not strong.

Those with more experience and better physical fitness can choose slightly more difficult variants. The intermediate level is usually a longer and more complicated route, but still passable without much trouble. The most demanding are canoe trips modeled on mountain routes. There, a higher level of kayaking skill is essential. The route can be bumpy, with many obstacles, even such as small waterfalls or mountain passes, and requiring carrying the kayaks several times along the entire several-hour journey.  

It requires no additional preparation or equipment 

Kayaking is such a good idea for a family activity or a date together that it requires no prior preparation. Being active can often involve additional training, buying the right equipment or preparing in advance. In the case of kayaking, all you need to do is dress in clothing that can get wet or damaged during the trip and book kayaks for a specific time. All the preparation for the start of the rafting trip takes only a few minutes, and the necessary equipment is rented from a special canoeing company. 

Transportation to the canoeing site and back to the base is also provided by the organizer. Kayaking itself also requires no additional instruction. The movements come quite naturally, and controlling the direction of the kayak is easy to master in a few minutes. 

An ideal opportunity to get to know yourself 

While on the surface canoeing may seem like a simple and enjoyable activity for two, in reality it is often a big test of familiarity. Even on rafting trips with a low level of difficulty, there are obstacles along the route that must be overcome together. Teaming up, working together in a kayak and being able to get along are elements that every couple is sure to have to test together on the trip. Canoeing is also a great opportunity to get to know each other. In crisis situations, you will be able to learn how your partner acts under pressure and how quickly they adapt to a new situation. In moments of quiet travel, you will be able to talk quietly and get to know each other better, as the beautiful natural circumstances and the silence around you promote long conversations and add intimacy to the whole experience. 

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