The weather outside is getting more and more beautiful every day, and the rigorous restrictions related to the pandemic are finally starting to fade into oblivion – such circumstances are certainly conducive to spending time actively with your loved ones. There is no shortage of opportunities, because throughout the country there are regular events and picnics of a sports nature aimed specifically at families with children. Where is it worth going with your kids?

Physical activity of children and parents – a natural recipe for health

Physical activity is a topic that is discussed by more and more experts every day, but the conclusions are very similar every time. Movement – especially outdoors – has an invaluable impact on our health and well-being, which is why it is recommended for both children and adults.

So if we are still wondering the best way to spend free time in the family circle, the answer can be sports events organized in different regions of the country. The proposals are really attractive, and in many cases we will not pay a penny for them!

Sports festivals and family picnics all over Poland

TheFamily Festival is a brand new project, the inaugural edition of which will take place this weekend in the very popular People’s Park in Lublin. Apart from sports activities the organizers have other attractions in store, such as plays, concerts and illusion shows.

Also interesting is the Podkarpacki Children’s Day in the Rzeszów Sport Park, whose participants will have the opportunity to taste the social rivalry in numerous physical competitions.

Small and big fans of orienteering games will surely be interested in the Pomerania O-Festival held in Świbno, Sulmin and Otomin.

The weekend promises to be very intensive, and the mentioned initiatives are only a drop in the ocean of numerous events dedicated to families. At all events we can expect a friendly atmosphere, interesting people and a sizeable dose of sports emotions!

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