Mom and baby always together. What does exercising with a stroller look like?

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Mom and baby always together. What does exercising with a stroller look like?

How to effectively get rid of excess pounds that we have left after pregnancy? With help comes training with a stroller. You can successfully perform it both during a walk with a child, as well as at home. What are the characteristics of this type of exercise?

Stroller training – what is it?

Stroller exercises are known as strollercize. Elizabeth Trindale is considered to be the creator of this original fitness discipline, who is a former ballerina, and now – a personal trainer and fitness club owner. Once she decided to enter the training room and do some exercises with a wheelchair. With their help, she was able to return to her pre-pregnancy figure in a short time. The term strollercize was first used by her husband and exercise partner.

When is the best time to start exercising with a stroller? This type of workout can be done without any worries already about 6-8 weeks after delivery. Note: In the case of a cesarean section, the postpartum period may extend up to 12 weeks.

The biggest advantages of strollercize

Freshly mom performing this type of exercise does not have to part with her child for the duration of the training. The presence of the toddler is essential here in order to be able to properly perform the various sequences of movements. It is also a great way to meet new women and create a support group. Strollercize also develops healthy habits in children, making them aware that sports are healthy. This type of training is usually performed outdoors, which translates into oxygenation of the body.

What is worth remembering during strollercize? An extremely important issue is the proper technique of performing particular exercises. Only then you can protect yourself from painful injuries. A significant part of the training takes place on the spot. If the baby is crying or too mobile, the mother can stop the training at any point and take care of the baby. A huge advantage of exercising with a child is that the toddler is not bored during the exercises. At all times he can observe the mother and the environment.

Main principles of strollercize

What is worth remembering when you want to start your adventure with strollercize? Exercises of this type can be performed with the help of any stroller. Its price, model or brand do not matter here. Such training can be performed by people of all ages. What is important, both women and men can participate in classes. Strollercize is best practiced in comfortable athletic shoes and clothes that fit the weather outside the window.

What are the most important rules of stroller training? They can be started only if the gynecologist has given permission. Performed exercises do not directly involve the abdominal muscles, and therefore are completely safe for newly mothers. During the first weeks, the exercises are performed without any load. The optimal frequency of such training is 3 times a week. On the other days a quick walk with a stroller is enough. When the baby holds its head straight, you can easily transfer it from the stroller to the sling. If you want to start training with a stroller, you should buy a special model.

Examples of exercises with a stroller

It is worth realizing that strollercize is a workout that involves all the muscles of our body. It starts with a warm-up, which is followed by specific training. The culmination of the class are stretching and relaxation exercises.

How can I strengthen my back, buttocks, and thighs using the wheelchair? To do this, hold the wheelchair with both hands and put your weight on it. Bend the knees and point one leg back. Hold it for a few seconds, change the leg, and do several repetitions. Wanting to stretch the muscles of the spine, chest and abdomen, we grab the handle of the wheelchair, spread our legs to the width of our hips and perform a squat, moving it away from us.

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