Has your child been passionate about sports from an early age? Enroll them in a sports championship school! What is it? What does education in this type of institution look like?

What is a sports championship school? It is a sports school, which provides sports education in one or more different disciplines. Education here takes place in a minimum of one department and at least three consecutive classes. The main difference between a sports school and a traditional sports school is the larger number of sports classes.

What are sports championship schools?

In order to obtain all necessary information on sports championship schools, it is necessary to read the ordinance of the Minister of National Education dated 12.02.97.

What exactly does learning in a sports championship school look like? Each week there must be at least 16 hours of sports classes. There are two stages of sports training: targeted and specialized. The first one includes pupils of classes IV-VI of elementary school and allows to determine the predispositions of small sportsmen. As for the second stage, it is implemented in secondary schools.

The sports championship schools cooperate with clubs, associations, physical culture associations and colleges that run studies in physical education. This cooperation can take place on many levels. It can range from lending equipment and renting sports facilities to carrying out medical examinations and participating in competitions.

Sports championship schools in practice

What else is worth knowing about sports championship schools? The individual lessons are arranged in such a way as not to interfere with training sessions, which very often begin only in the afternoon. In Poland there are also institutions attended by students from all over the country – in Warsaw, Krakow, Poznan, Spala or Rzeszow. They have dormitories for commuters.

In sports championship schools sports classes are often held twice a day. The schools have the necessary rehabilitation, wellness and psychotherapy facilities, as well as the best, highest quality equipment.

The SMS also cooperate with medical institutions, whose employees help to get rid of injuries that happen to small sportsmen. Employees of sports championship schools unanimously admit that they provide not only training and classroom organization, but also a unique school of life. Their students are confident, disciplined and have no problem organizing their time.

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