Rules for a safe holiday

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Rules for a safe holiday

When going on vacation with your family, it is essential to remember that the carefree time should be marked by safety. We suggest which aspects to pay attention to in order to make your holiday safe.

What to keep in mind when organizing a family holiday?

We look forward to family vac ations all year round. It is a special time, because the daily rush is gone. Finally you can proverbially let loose and take care of strengthening family relations.

However, you can’t forget about safety while away. It does not matter whether you spend your vacation with your family at the seaside or in the mountains. Dangers hide at every turn, and it’s good to know what to do to avoid potentially dangerous situations.

1. Choose a place that will suit everyone on your trip

In almost every Polish household, fierce negotiations on the vacation destination begin just before the vacations. Before you book your hotel accommodation, make sure that the compromise you have worked out in advance suits all the participants of your holiday vacation.

Wondering what this has to do with safety? If your teenage children are offended that you are going to the sea instead of the mountains, they may come up with all sorts of not-so-safe ideas for creative leisure activities. Anything to make their parents angry.

2. Check the weather forecast for the next few days

The weather forecast, as it is, does not have to come true. However, it will give you some idea of the situation you may encounter on the spot. Out of concern for the safety of children and the elderly, avoid long trips in the middle of summer. A trip to Israel is not a good idea during the summer months when the mercury in the thermometer reaches dizzying heights.

3. Take along medications and medical supplies that may be useful

Is someone in your family taking medication regularly? Don’t count on there being a pharmacy nearby. Even if there is, they may not necessarily stock all the medications. Take an extra pack of medicine just in case. It doesn’t weigh much, and random situations may cause you to lose the backpack you had a certain dose of medicine in, for example.

4. Familiarize yourself with local conditions, especially if you are traveling abroad

This is a tip that should be used especially by those thinking of traveling abroad. The further east you travel, the friendlier people you may meet on your way.

However, human openness is inversely proportional to the trust you can place in the tap water. Before you leave, find out not only what the customs of the country are, but also whether drinking water (even boiled water) is safe for your health.

5. Take breaks as often as possible

Going on a long car trip? Don’t forget to take breaks. You may think you’re in great shape, but spending a few hours behind the wheel can significantly lower your concentration. A break on the road for a tasty cup of coffee or tea is not only good for the driver. It’s also good for the kids, who can stretch their legs a bit.

The list of safety tips for family holidays does not end with these few points. Remember also to always use sunscreen and keep your body hydrated. If you’re going on a trip to the woods, make sure everyone is wearing long pants and headgear – it’s extra protection against ticks.

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